John Numpagio

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Clan Tremere
Position None
Status ???
Domain Gimli, Canada
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 0
Player Player Name


UploadJohn Numpagio


Real Name: John Numpagio

Apparent Age: Mid to late 20's

Concept: Gutter punk, Aging goth, Mind Freak Tremere

Physical description: John is roughly 5'9, with usually slicked back or Faux-Hawked hair, which seems to change color on an almost nightly basis. Visually, he stands out from every Tremere he's ever known due his obvious piercings, clearly visible tattoos, and his battered, torn up duster.

Detailed Status:

Acknowledge by Dominic of Gimli (Deceased)
Resourceful by Dominic (former Prince of Gimli, deceased)
Dutiful by James MacDhonnchaidh (former Prince of Gimli)
Feared as Scourge
(ooc:Tremere only, John is Apprentice of the fourth circle of mysteries)

Character Information

Known History

John has lived in Gimli all his life. He had a fairly normal/average, dare say boring childhood, but it doesn't matter. John doesn't talk about it much, when questioned about it, depending on who's asking, will usually be told, rather emphatically to 'fuck off, that person was weak, he died a very long time ago'. He was introduced to the court of Gimli in the summer of 2010 as a simple ghoul, an assistant to the Tremere calling himself Drake, who abused him rather terribly (at his first gathering, Drake threw him onto a rather prominent razor trap that was outside of the court, simply because it amused him), which of course, horrified the more humane members of the court. Roughly three months later, John was Embraced. Shortly after John's Embrace, Drake disappeared (ooc:John doesn't know Drake is dead, he was dominated into believing that Drake was simply sent to another chantry and has never actually bothered to look into it) and he started to advance in Kindred society, what originally was amusement on the part of the domain 'Oh it's just Drakes spawn, he's bound to fuck it up eventually' has turned into at least some form of grudging,legitimate respect. In a very short time, John has been an assistant to the Keeper of Elysium, Keeper of Elysium,the Primogen for the Tremere in Gimli and was recently given the position of Scourge. Since he was a teenager, John has been a practicing member of the Church of Satan, and takes particular offense to Infernalists, Demon worshipers and other 'Satanists'. On more then one occasion he has volunteered to go and personally remove infernal threats to the domain and has been heard to verbally address them as 'posers' and 'pretenders, giving the rest of us a bad name' In the Spring of 2012, there was what John called 'an incident' involving certain mortal politicians in the domain of Gimli, and ever since...well, he's seemed a whole lot paler then he used to be, and he's a lot more willing to take care of 'wet work' himself. John is also the owner of the only BDSM/Fetish bar in the entire city, Sex and Violence. Rumors abound that the place is haunted...




Dana Abernathy (Malkavian, deceased)
Danny Warren (Malkavian, missing in action)
Hailey Ashfield (John's Ghoul)
James MacDhonnchaidh (Tremere, former Prince of Gimli)


If I have any enemies, they haven't been brave enough to step forward.


Drake (deceased)
(ooc:Tremere only, yes, THAT Drake)




None, I'm an original, kids

Character Inspirations

The Joker (Heath Ledger's version)
CM Punk
Penn Gilette
John Constantine


InvincibleMachine Gun Kelly ft.Ester Dean
You're Only Second Rate Jafar
Shut Me UpMindless Self Indulgence
Hilf Mir Rammstein
Oh Lord (Wake the Dead)Voltaire
Hell in a Handbasket Voltaire
Doll Dagga Buzz Buzz Ziggity Zag Marilyn Manson
Being Ignorant is awesomeAnal Cunt


'If you don't shut up, right fucking now, I swear to God, I am gonna FUCK YOU IN THE MOUTH WITH A GODDAMN CHAINSAW! DO YOU HEAR ME, CAITIFF?!' -John addressing a Caitiff in the middle of an Elysium, in the role of Keeper


OOC: If you want to add rumors, please feel free to do so.

  • He's the true power behind the Gimli Throne.
  • John burns his hand every night, which is why he's got that bandage.
  • The bandage conceals a pentagram tattoo.