Jarrod Conrad

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Clan Children of Damballah
Position None
Status 3
Domain Milwaukee, WI
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity ???
Player Ben Ekdahl


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Alias(es): Jarrod Conrad

Real Name: Unknown

Apparent Age: 30

Concept: Voodoo Drug Dealer

Physical description:

Detailed Status:
Ack (Prince Cromwell, Johannesburg, South Africa),
Well-Connected (Prince Z, Milwaukee),
Resourceful (Prince Solomon, Buffalo)

Character Information

Known History

Jarrod Conrad was a drug dealer on the west coast with a reputation as a “voodoo” priest when he was discovered by his regnant, the Lasombra Edward Stark. Not only did he have contacts all across the country, he had abilities above and beyond the norm. Part of his success was his willingness to strike deals with the minor spirits and wraiths he came in contact with. He would do favors for them and they would help him stay one step ahead of the law. Eventually he moved to Gary, In and began traveling the Midwest as Stark’s representative.

Jarrod, as a ghoul, met a faith healer in Kenosha who had mystical powers. He was greatly impressed at such a visible show of faith and power and visited the man several times.

After the healer was judged heretical by the Church, hunters showed up to eliminate and debunk him. Using his far ranging influences to trace back the hunters, he had them arrested and detained on suspicion of murder. Using the time to get out of dodge, the healer left town, blessing Jarrod and leaving him to shepherd the flock. Considering Jarrod’s own faith and the fact that the church had hunted down the Healer, Jarrod steered the faithful towards Santeria and taught the congregation to worship the spirits in the guise of saints and to offer the proper offerings to the spirits and ancestors. He would also act as go between for the living in his congregation and any wraiths who may wish to speak with them. He bought some land and arranged for a building to be built. When Kenosha was hit by massive rioting and fires, his church set up a temporary camp and offered clothes, food, and jobs to the needy. All they asked was that they take the time to attend services at least once while they were at the camp.

Jarrod also met a being who thought she was a Santeria Angel of Death. There he was introduced to voodoo magics and the spirits and wraiths that attended her while going to services at her church. He also was “blessed” by her priestess as the head of his church.

After some rumors that he was about to be poached and an attempt by the Tremere, Jarrod disappeared for a month. When he returned, he was one of the Kindred.


None Known, tends to hang out with A'ishah and Issa.


Mathias Warren
Jean Claude
Josh Lowery


None that he talks about.


Rumor has it it was Ander Rabaan.


He mentions several, but no one seems to have met them.


Victoria Sinclair

Character Inspirations

Papa Midnight, from the Constatine movie


Waka Waka (This Time for Africa), Shakira


“One of the tenants of my faith is something called Ifa. It is like destiny, but not so hard and fast. Imagine a person’s Ifa is a river with a strong current. A person could swim from bank to bank or even against the current if they want to, however the journey is easiest if you swim with the flow of the river. If that is his Ifa, he will come to do so in time. He must choose to follow the flow of Ifa as he feels it.”