Ferrous Black

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Clan Toreador
Position MISSING since Summer 2013
Status 2
Domain Springfield, IL
Coterie ???
Society ???
Path Humanity 00
Player Eric G


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Alias(es): none known

Real Name:

Apparent Age: Late 30's

Concept: Artisan and Scientist

Physical description: Ferrous is a powerfully built man with very calloused hands. He has dark hair with some gray in it and pale blue eyes. He is quite attractive <Appearance 5>.

Detailed Status:
Acknowledged - Dr. Abner Baker, Jr., Brujah, Prince of Knoxville, TN (03/15/1935)
Respected - Almathea, Toreeador, Prince of San Francisco, CA (07/03/1976)
????????? - On loan from Johnny Perez, Sheriff of Springfield, IL when performing the duties of his Deputy. (05/11/2013)

Prior to dissapearance in Summer 2013 had been Deputy Sheriff / Clan Whip in Springfield, IL

Character Information

Known History

Very little is yet known about Ferrous.

He first presented himself in the Domain of Springfield, IL on 03/09/2013. In early May (05/11/2013) he received his permanent Hospitality in Springfield, IL from Prince Philip Walkin. On the same night he was also named Sheriff’s Deputy to Johnny Perez and Toreador Whip to Layla McDonald


None Known


The Camarilla

None in particular as yet


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None Known

Character Inspirations



“I consider myself an artisan rather than an artist. I make useful tools and objects. It is for others to determin if they are art or not.”

“I work with fire and metal.”

“Can’t you tell?” with great irony in his voice “I’m a blushing rose.”

“Sorry, my wrist isn’t stapled to my forehead.”


  • Ferrous is really a Brujah. Why he is infiltrating the Toreador is anyone’s guess. Then again everyone else masquerades as a Toreador so why not play at being a Brujah?