Dana Stanek

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Clan Assamite
Position Legatus of the Ivory Legion
Status 7+1
Domain ???
Coterie Ivory Legion
Society ???
Path Humanity 00
Player Cam Coord NPC


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Real Name:

Apparent Age: late 20s or early 30s


Physical description: There is nothing remarkable about Dana Stanek's appearance. She is slightly below average height, with a medium build. Her ashy brown hair hangs straight and is often pulled back in a simple style. Her eyes are a dark hazel.

When not engaged in combat missions or training, she tends to dress simply in black slacks, button down shirts, and flat shoes.

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged by Alessio Rinaldi, Prince of Ravenna
  • Feared by Carlak, Prince of Prague
  • Loyal by Sigwald Heinz, Prince of Bonn, Germany
  • Bold by Jordan Restax, Prince of the Twin Cities, MN
  • Cohesive by Jessica Kesch, Prince of San Diego
  • Formidable by Charles McMillan, Sovereign Prince of Atlanta
  • Shrewd by Stanford Warwick, Justicar

Character Information

This is an NPC under the control of the Camarilla Coordinator.

Known History

Dana Stanek joined the Camarilla at the time of the Schism. While specific details of her life before that point are not widely known, she speedily found opportunities to prove herself to several influential Princes, giving a strong indication that she had Camarilla contacts prior to her Clan's official induction into the Ivory Tower.

While she worked on many projects and combat missions, she never entered the limelight until she announced the formation of the Ivory Legion, a Camarilla military society, in March 2017.

She made an appearance at Glitter and Gloom in 2017 to promote the Ivory Legion. She admitted to its being the first time she had attended a large Gathering of that kind. After an hour or two, Warlord Karsh arrived to announce his acceptance of the position of Imperator of the Ivory Legion. He thanked her for her work and took over in speaking on behalf of the newly formed society.







Character Inspirations



Introduction of the Ivory Legion
Citizens of the Camarilla,

In the dark nights of the past, Kindred warred with one other, childe against sire and Clan against Clan. Out of the chaos arose the glorious dream of the Ivory Tower, where Kindred could live together in peace and prosperity. Our Sect has never been one that delights in war, yet our world is an imperfect one. When the call to battle echos through our halls, the brave stand ready to answer.

Even immortals must recognize the changes in our world. The growth in population and ease of travel brings wondrous opportunities, but also greater threats. Time has not diminished the foes we must face. New enemies arise and old ones continually circle our walls, ready to attack. It is not enough for each individual Domain to bear the full responsibility for its own defense. The strength of the Camarilla has always been in our unity and order.

It is my honor to announce the formation of The Ivory Legion, a new military order dedicated to the protection and advancement of the Camarilla. We stand ready to fight, with sword, tooth, and fire until the day our enemies are blotted from the earth and peace reigns. The valiant and true who are willing to take on the burden of war are welcomed within our ranks.

As soldiers, we submit to the will of those who rule. Our task is not to govern, but to fight. As such, we are at the command of Princes who require our services. If there are any questions, I am happy to answer them here.

The Camarilla has recognized the need for greater global coordination beyond military efforts. My poor pen is not qualified to give the other societies the introduction they deserve. Dedicated citizens who wish to serve the Ivory Tower yet are lacking in combat prowess may expect ample opportunity in the near future.

Ave Camarilla,
Dana Stanek
Legatus of the Ivory Legion


There is no Dana, only Zuul. (Just a rumor...)