Ophelia Sjekna

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Clan Gangrel
Position None
Status 3
Domain Atlanta, GA
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 00
Player Jessica Selmser

Ophelia Sjekna is the Huntress of Veles


Jessica Selmser as Ophelia Sjekna


Real Name: Even she has forgotten

Apparent Age: Early 20's

Concept: Circus Freak

Physical description: Petite and lithe, looks like a deer

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged by former Prince Ivan Sjekna of Middle GA
  • Courageous by former Primogen Ratcatcher of Atlanta
  • Loyal by former Primogen Simon Random of Middle GA

Character Information

Ophelia Sjekna is Ivan Sjekna's childe. She is early to late 20's, but looks younger because of her short stature (5 ft). Ophelia has many noticeable beast traits, most of which relate to to a doe. She is clothed in what is obviously hand crafted leathers and pelts. She has a few hand crafted whips hanging from her belts. Their is a blush of pink in the cheeks from the cold and clearly a few twigs in her hair. Call her "cute" or "adorable" and she might growl, but if you ever dare to pet her you know that she is really just timid and feral. Sometimes her accent changes to native Slovic or American depending on who she is around, but will often speak in the accent to whomever she is talking to.

You can find her dancing in the water as often as you find her fighting. She carries a longbow and many trinkets that she uses to gift to the spirits.

Ophelia is the self proclaimed "Huntress of Veles" and if you ask her about her gods, she will likely bore you with hours of stories of her religion.

Known History

  • Born in ???
  • Embraced in ???
  • Came to America in 1908
  • Moved to GA in 2009
  • Became Sheriff of Middle GA in 2015
  • Sired Leer in 2015
Ophelia 2016



Nathan Rhys Arturo



  • The Fist
  • Harley Draven


Sjekna Family as of 2013
  • Great Grandsire: Bashir Faithful to his word
  • Grandsire: Irisko of the horned man
  • Sire: Ivan Sjekna


  • Leer Sjekna
  • Lothario Sjekna (Deceased)


Character Inspirations

Circus Performer/Sideshow Freak

Deer in Mythology


Fairy Tale: Brother & Sister

Daughter of the Forest-Juliet Marillier

A Midsummer Night's Dream

Ophelia from Hamlet


Sheryl Crow - Tomorrow Never Dies

Garbage - Only Happy When It Rains

Lake Komo - Resurrect

Enya - Only Time

Grimes - REALiTi

Beloved Enchantress · The Moon and the Nightspirit


"Imejte Prisege" -Sjekna Words

"She looks like Bambi, you can't miss her." About Ophelia at Glitter & Gloom 2016

"You know she turns into a large cat when she assumes her animal form." "Cougar?" "Yes. I would be careful, she might eat you." "Ah yeah." About Ophelia at Glitter & Gloom 2016

"Bang!" Joshua Klein dressed as the guy who killed Bambi's mom at Glitter & Gloom 2016

"Merry will we meet again."

"I am not cute! I have horns, hooves, and smell like dirt!"

"You may touch it... It is quite soft." She turns her head to her sister to giver her better access. "We are in the Umbra. The near Umbra, our venture shall take us deeper. Do not expect to understand, but open your mind to it all." - Talking to her twin, Isadora Sjekna about her beast traits the first time she takes her to the Umbra


Ophelia 2013
  • She was a ghoul to a Ravnos
  • Her broodmate is actually her twin sister
  • She is fully enthralled to her sire
  • She has no blood bonds
  • She is addicted to something
  • She can walk on water
  • She actual hates her brood
  • She has never killed anyone
    • ...but not for lack of trying
  • Her bloodline is cursed to never lie
  • Everyone who gives her status seems to die at the hands of Archons for crimes against the Camarilla
  • She is possessed by by a Spirit that is actively trying to take over other Kindred