Marlene McConnell

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Clan Toreador
Position Primogen
Status 4+1
Domain Berkeley, CA
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 000
Player Ryann Dove

Marlene McConnell

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Marlene Yamamoto, Marlena (common mistake early in her time in Berkeley)

Real Name:

Marlene Theodora McConnell Yamamoto

Apparent Age:



The ingénue

Physical description:

5'5" medium build, brown eyes, dark brown hair. Before her time in Japan she often ran around in low cut shirts and short skirts. Since coming back, if it isn't a formal event she is almost always seen in black. She is also never without two necklaces: one with a strange bead marked with a rune, and the other a vial of diamonds.

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged by Prince Fairchild of Amador (deceased)
  • Influential as Harpy of Greater Berkeley

Character Information

Known History


  • Marlene appeared at an Elysium in Stockton in November of 2007 with no warning, and she was initially taken into the care of a Gangrel.
  • About a month later she was taken into the home of Lord Yamamoto Kenshiro and placed under the Accounting of Seraph Yamamoto.
  • After a few months her Accounting was transferred to Yamamoto Hiro.
  • August 3, 2008 during a visit to Amador she was Acknowledged.
  • Late February/early March of 2009 she left for Japan with a large portion of the Yamamoto family.
  • September of 2011 Marlene and Seraph returned to the United States and joined the court of Berkeley, CA.
  • March 8, 2013 during a visit to San Fransisco she was awarded the status Efficient.
  • March 15, 2013 she found herself with two new sets of responsibilities when she became Primogen in Berkley and took a young, abandoned Toreador childe into her care.


Working on that!


None. ... yet.



Adopted by Seraph Yamamoto (deceased)


Bryan (adopted) (NPC)


Seraph's "childe" Kadaj (deceased)

Other Family

Archon Alecto - Aunt, via her adoption into the Yamamoto family (deceased)

The Fun Stuff

Character Inspirations

Christine from Phantom of the Opera
Snow White from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves



"I get to follow the Harpy into a Primogen meeting, then sit in the back and keep my mouth shut. Some things never change."

"I'm getting really tired of learning about deaths in the family via text messages from freaked out ghouls."


That bead necklace is a demon ward, and she never takes it off in case "that bitch" comes back to finish the job.

The diamonds in that vial were converted by her aunt from Seraph's ashes after his death. She wears it because she likes to keep her family close.

The only times she has ever been loud and animated in a conversation have been when someone brought up the subject of autotune.

She has the exact same shoe size as Tasha X.

In preparation for the gathering in San Francisco in May of 2013 she folded 1000 paper cranes. As she finished the last one, in a fit of grief over the death of Archon Alecto, she wished for the death of Elias Beecher. His death was announced later that same evening.