Madame Guil

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Clan Toreador
Position Former Justicar, now deceased
Status 0
Domain ???
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity -
Player Toreador Coordinator


Thumbnail of Mme. Guil portrait, by Heather Pope, Acrylic on canvas, 2004. View full version at the artist's site

Alias(es): Her Divine Grace

Real Name: Unknown

Apparent Age: 16

Character Information

Known History

Before her execution, Mme. Guil was arguably both the most beloved and feared of the Toreador elders. For many years, she served the Camarilla as the Toreador Justicar, ruthlessly pursuing its enemies, while using her sublime skills at negotiation to manipulate its members.

In 2000, Mme. Guil resigned from her Justicarial seat. Rumors abound that her willingness to embrace unconventional means to her work had finally undermined her ability to succeed in the role. Others whisper that she had become too sympathetic to the anarch cause. Whatever the reason, Mme. Guil was replaced by Titus Petronius Niger as Toreador Justicar.

For the next two years Mme. Guil continued to wield strong influence within the Toreador Clan, offering guidance to neonates and elders alike. Her relations with Petronius seemed cordial and amiable, and she was free to pursue more personal goals - such as her longstanding desire to win the heart of former Brujah Justicar, Masako.

To this end, Mme. Guil declared that she would bring down Tariq, a criminal long hunted by the Brujah, and an Anathema of the Red List. Guil lured Tariq out of hiding, and confronted him at the Tournament of Silence. There she confronted him, but was overcome by her beast during the battle. She lost control of herself and diablerized Tariq in front of numerous witnesses.

Knowing full well that to diablerize one of the Anathema is to become one, as well as knowing Masako's longstanding disgust for the act of diablerie, Mme. Guil remanded herself to the custody of Justicar Petronius. Rather than see her named Anathema, Justicar Petronius sentenced Mme. Guil to death. Masako acted as executioner.

Although Mme. Guil has met with final death, her influences are still felt within the Camarilla to this day. She cultivated numerous alliances and lovers amongst the ancillae and neonates, and many of her former allies still support one another, and cling to her memory.


"I shall be your shield."


This character is derived from material originally published in Vampire: The Masquerade sourcebooks from White Wolf Publishing. The information above focuses primarily on how the NPC has been used or altered in the course of OWBN continuity. This wiki page does not represent a challenge to any copyrights from White Wolf Publishing.