General William Wilson

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Clan Ventrue
Position Sheriff
Status 3 (2+1)
Domain The Kingdom
Coterie None
Society None
Path Humanity -
Player Wilson Santos


Apparent Age: Late 30s

Death Night:

Concept: Western General

Physical description: A caucasian man with about 1,85 m high, 80 kg and a athletic constitution. He usaly uses his old black cowboy hat, with a closed navy blue coat with gray cufflinks, over a white lace shirt. He almost ever is wearing a black pants and a pair of polished black boots. In some social events he prefers to use his general uniform, with all his old condecorations. He has a dark blond hair, not too short, green eyes and his beard shaved. He likes to carry his old katana (a gift from his sire), a pair of colt pistols and his rifle.

Detailed Status:

Character Information




  • Sir Galahad Northmann [~1240]

Character Inspirations


  • Apocaliptica
    • In Memoriam
    • Beyond Time
    • Path (vocal, especial edition)
  • Final Fantasy 8
    • SeeD
  • Silent Hill 2
    • Theme of Laura
  • Trigun
    • Never Could Have Been Worse


- How much you weight? BANNG! (gunshot sound). Now 0,45g heavier.

- A man does what he can to change his destiny, until his destiny is reveled.

- Hey, nice face. Let me fix it for you.

- Your pain, my gain

- Groovy!


- He knows President Lincoln in person.

- He makes his own ammunition.