Ethan Neumann

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Clan Brujah
Position Harpy
Status 4
Domain Los Angeles, CA
Coterie Unknown
Society {{{Society}}}
Path Humanity 000
Player Phil C



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No known aliases

Real Name:
Ethan Neumann

Apparent Age:

Concept: --

Physical description:
male Caucasian, 6'0", brown hair, blue eyes, tattoo: sequence of numbers on left inside forearm

Detailed Status:
Acknowledged by Queen Anne
Cherished by then Archon Dominic
Stalwart by then Prince Augustus James Early
Lionhearted by then Prince Rohan Massoud
Knight of Marble by Prince Adrian Serra

Character Information

Known History

Ethan has a strong German accent, because... he's German. He has shared that he survived the Concentration Camp in Auschwitz, which gave him a souvenir tattoo on his left arm. Ethan was embraced into a non-Camarilla (Autarkis/Anarch) Brujah band after his liberation from the camps. In 1990, he made his way to the court of London and joined the Camarilla in 2000 as a newly Acknowledged member bestowed by Queen Ann.

In 2004, Ethan travelled to the United States where he heard that the Anarch Free States and the Camarilla were living in relative accord, heading to the most notable location of this condition, Los Angeles, CA.

Since being part of the Domain of Los Angeles, Ethan quickly rose to the position of Brujah Primogen which he held through four sitting Princes. He has been Sheriff for two sitting Princes. In January 2011, he successfully bid for the position of Harpy of the Domain which he currently holds.


no known coteries


no known allies


no known enemies


Stephan Brethauer (NPC - Autarkis)


no known childer


no known broodmates

Character Inspirations



Anarchy by KMFDM
"I made a God out of blood, not superiority. I killed the King of deceit, now I sleep in Anarchy."




  • Ethan enjoys donkey shows, especially once the donkey has been shot and bleeding out on the stage.
  • Ethan has used police brutality (LA style) on a sitting Prince and was thanked for it afterward.
  • Ethan does not like to shake hands with those he meets.
  • Enjoys the company of Anarchs.
  • When he Frenzies, he has been known to destroy whole buildings.