Adrian Florent

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Clan Ventrue
Position None
Status 1
Domain Baltimore, MD
Coterie The Consortium
Society ???
Path Humanity ???
Player Kenny Lull


Adrian Florent, circa January 2011

Alias(es): Mr. Fantasia, Your Royal Shinyness

Real Name: It sure as hell ain't Adrian Florent

Apparent Age: 15

Concept: Wacky teenage mobster with ADHD

Physical description: A Cute x 4 fifteen year-old with brownish hair and blue eyes. He's so white he has no rhythm, used to wear sneakers to meetings since "Carson Daly did it!", and has taken to wearing suits since he hit puberty. Florent wears a leather bracelet, embroidered with WWJBD - "What would Jack Bauer do?"

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged by Prince Richard of Northern Virginia
  • Maestro by Prince Vinny Velario of Baltimore

Character Information

Known History

A child of the First Family, Adrian entered the political arena in 2004 as Ventrue Primogen of Los Angeles. He was Prince of Los Angeles from 2005 to 2006, became the 50th Prince of Northern Virgina in 2010, a praxis which lasted just under one year. He then seized praxis of Baltimore in December 2010.

He was known to give up his praxis of LA in 2006 while blockading the Mexican border for a short time to aid the siege in NY City. Adrian has caused waves everywhere he goes, but he always seems to get results.

In late April 2011, Vincent Velario seized Praxis of Baltimore, Florent having mysteriously disappeared en route to Rome to an appointment with Justicar Petronius, whose archon had stripped him to Acknowledgement for "interfering" in his investigation. Aetius accused Florent of harboring the bloodhunted individual known as Deacon St. Croix. Florent had not been seen since, and was rumored to have been discretely taken out by Petronius's forces.

Adrian recently resurfaced (allegedly) as servire to Archon Saul Good to help destroy the infernal host. According to Saul, he brought 'an army.' Florent appeared again in Hartford to help destroy the Whore of Babylon. Adrian is now known to be assisting Archon Saul Good to hunt the infernalist Entrerri Giovanni.



Everyone, except a few Assamites are peeved at him. They'll get over it.

In particular, however, 'some' members of Clan Ventrue and most Followers of Set.

Saul Good
Dicky Redman
Jon Grim
Vincent Velario
Kate Kennedy McKenna
Paul Walker
Johnny Gwynn


Princes fearing he will come take their city

Entrerri Giovanni



Patrick Kennedy


  • Matteo
  • Vixen Florent
  • Nova Florent
  • Vera M. J. Florent
  • Jean Paul Florent, 32nd
  • Bryce Florent
  • David Argent
  • Valo Florent
  • One more whose name no one can ever remember, not even his Sire


Character Inspirations

Dustin Hoffman's character from Confidence

Heath Ledger's Joker from The Dark Knight bears a remarkable likeness to Florent, but that movie came out long after he did.


  • Man Against the World by Survivor
  • Mr. Punch by Future Bible Heroes
  • Thank God I'm Pretty by Emilie Autumn
  • White Rabbit
  • (suggested by the peanut gallery) "John the Revelator," by Depeche Mode


"I hereby acknowledge you to our great Camarilla. May you serve blah blah yadda yadda."

At the famous L.A. Yoga Court: "Thank you clan Brujah. Does clan Gangrel have any business? It's important that we...DOWNWARD FACING DOG, NOW!!!...*ahem* as I was saying..."

Upon notification of a dead Cam citizen: "Thank you for your service." pats the ashes

"Is this an intervention?"

To Sam Hart: "So, how many fingers go in there...just tell me when to stop."

"I don't give a wanker's wet queef what you think!"

"You see a speck of Give-a-Fuck in my eye?"

"Dirty Sanchez of the abyss"

"Anarchs are the Mexicans of the Camarilla."

"I can't drive! I never got my learners!"

"For a snake loving, domain stealing blood sucking creature of the night, you're good people." a certain devastatingly handsome young Tremere.

"I will lick you from 18 inches away. I will, I'll do it!" To Archon Saul Good.


  • Adrian Florent is gay
  • He is a Brujah.
  • Adrian Florent is actually Robert Pedder
  • He is conning the Setites out of thaum
  • He is a Setite Apostate
  • He killed Michael Jameson to avenge Rylis Hannalore
  • He is actually a Serpent of the Light
  • Adrian Florent is dead.
  • Adrian Florent is also Ben Miller.
  • Adrian Florent is alive and in hiding.
  • Adrian Florent moved to Provincetown, Massachusetts to be fabulous on the seaside.
  • Adrian Florent was killed by Aetius on route to Rome.
  • Adrian Florent was killed in Carthage
  • Adrian Florent, Deacon St. Croix and Enterri Giovanni are all actually Shade.