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*'''Acknowledged''' by Prince [[Luther Rommell]] of Baltimore
*'''Acknowledged''' by Prince [[Luther Rommell]] of Baltimore
*'''Ambitious''' by Prince [[Kelly]] of the Northeastern Pennsylvania
*'''Ambitious''' by Prince [[Kelly]] of the Northeastern Pennsylvania
*'''Loyal''' by Prince [[Mattias Roman]]; stripped by Prince [[Kelly]]
*'''Loyal''' by Prince [[Fiona MacGregor]] of Philadelphia
*'''Loyal''' by Prince [[Fiona MacGregor]] of Philadelphia
*'''Respected''' by Marquis [[Walter Hamilton]] of Reading
*'''Respected''' by Marquis [[Walter Hamilton]] of Reading

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Clan Toreador
Position Seneschal
Status 5+2
Domain Lehigh Valley, Pa.
Coterie None
Society {{{Society}}}
Path Humanity 0000
Player John Becker


No known Aliases

Real Name: Unknown

Apparent Age: Early Thirties

Concept: Master Forger

Physical description: Zackary is a rather attractive young man. He is somewhat short of
stature, but carries himself with enough grace to make up for it. He passes easily for a
mortal and often appears to breathe. His typical attire consists of a dark blue pair of jeans,
sneakers, a white T-shirt, purple dress shirt and charcoal gray jacket that he wears with
Style. On the left lapel of his jacket is a pinned the rose symbol of Clan Toreador; on the right
is a pair of ribbons, one green one purple.

Detailed Status:

Character Information

  • Alluring
  • Elegant
  • Gorgeous
  • Magnetic
  • Fame x3: The guy with connections everywhere
  • Blush of Health
  • Enchanting Voice

Known History

Mortal History: Privileged to Destitute and Back

  • Raised as a spoiled rich kid until family trauma cost him everthing; buried himself in academia to distract himself and art to escape reality
  • Earned a degree in Computer Science & Programming
  • Turned his talents to forgery/blackmail & forgery/scamming to earn his living

Starting out in a New World (Winter-Summer 2013): Ambition Unbound

  • Showed up in the Lehigh Valley seeking opportunity; worked alongside other new arrivals to restore stability
  • Tracked down missing persons and investigated local business concerns
  • Investigated Supernatural involvement with the local mob and preserved the Masquerade from multiple threats; named Ambitious by Sovereign Imperial Prince Kelly of Northeastern Pennsylvania
  • Became Primogen of the Lehigh Valley

Surrendering to Fear (Fall 2013-Winter 2014): Fleeing the 'Monster'

  • Attended Nonclave; named Loyal by Prince Mattias Roman of Northern Virginia for assisting with an Investigation
  • Moved to Reading to become Harpy; stripped of Loyal by Prince Kelly
  • Helped to host Prince Kelly's Medieval Tourney in the Lehigh Valley
  • Organized and Coordinated defenses of Reading when neighboring Domain of Scranton fell to the Rebellion

Epic boredom at home (Spring 2014): What was I thinking?

  • Protected the Masquerade in the aftermath of a kindred murder; named Respected by Marquis Walter Hamilton of Reading
  • Hosted 'Elements' party in Reading
  • Survived an attack on his Humanity by an Elder Malkavian intact and (mostly) no worse off
  • Aided Domain of Philadelphia in defending against an attack by the Rebellion; named Loyal by Prince Fiona MacGregor of Philadelphia

Home Again (Summer-Fall 2014): Repentance and Recovery

  • Returned to the Lehigh Valley to support Madison Langley as Marquess and to mend broken relationships
  • Replaced Jayden Black as Harpy of the Lehigh Valley when he lost support of the Primogen Council
  • Helped host Prince Kelly's Medieval Tourney while the hunt for Lucien Rex was happening
  • Organized a massive Domain-wide Influence attack against mortal Hunters; named Efficient by (now) Prince Madison Langley

Free from Tyranny (Winter 2015): Hope Realized

  • Repaired damage by mortal Hunters in the Domain
  • Questioned by Prince Rook and Archon Hannah Martin inconnection to an Justicarial Ivestigation into Prince Kelly
  • Stripped Prince Kelly for abdicating the Lehigh Valley
  • Named Seneschal of the Lehigh Valley




Prince Madison Langley
Jayden Black
Archon Rishi Massoud
Julius Cole
Victoria DeLaNoche
Primogen Bastion Stone (Deceased)
Keeper of Elysium Zoe Moreau (Deceased)
Primogen Cameron Fagan
Harpy Harrow
Prince Rook



Julius Cole




Olivia Kennedy Cole of Philadelphia
Aegis Cole (Deceased)
Ian Cole (Deceased)
Petra Grunwald-Cole

Character Inspirations




Zackary and Jayden Black are in a relationship.