Zack, the Jack

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Clan Malkavian
Position Prince
Status 3+4+1
Domain Brasília, Brazil
Coterie None
Society None
Path Humanity 0000
Player Sérgio H. C. Zica


Zack, the Jack

Zack, the Jack Rocha Van Eyck

Real Name: Unknown

Apparent Age: ~24


Physical description:Average height and slim. Uses a moustache, and his skin is very white, like a masquerade painted in his face's skin, with red lips, brown ayes, arched eyebrows, and a widow peak. Despite that, his demeanour is friendly and warm. He has a tattoo of an Osiris Eye's in his right eye. Uses expensive clothes, generally fine suits, covering all his body, but when it was uncovered, it could be saw it was tattooed with arcane symbols. And many many wondrous ties, on his neck, hanging by his arms, in his pockets. There's never such a thing as "too many ties".

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged by Prince Alessio Rinaldi, the Peacock Prince of Ravenna, Italy (1810)
  • Just by Elvira da Lua, Malkavian elder of Pindamonhangaba (2004)
  • Introspective by Tupac Amaru, Gangrel Prince of Campinas (2019)
  • Exalted​, Famous​, Well­ Known​, and Distinguished as Prince of Brasília (January, 2017)

  • Dignified

Character Information

Known History

Born in Italy, he was the son of a wealthy textile merchant. Despite that, he participated in the French Revolution, and was Embraced by that time around 1790. He was released in the night by 1810, and disappeared for many decades until resurfacing at Milan, in time to hear about Dom Bosco prophecies of a land which would be someday Brasília, Civitas Pax Aeternae. He followed his dreams and of his grandsire Jan André Van Eyck and came to Brazil by the beginning of the XX century.

He lobbied and was in charge of the financial aspects of the tasks of moving the capital from Rio de Janeiro to the interior, even going to USA to study and get a MBA at NYU. He was at Goiânia when president Juscelino Kubitscheck made his nocturne speech promising the new capital inland. Then the dream came and Brasília was founded, with Van Eyck as Prince. He endorsed a Malkavian prank when João Goulart took presidency, and suffered the intense backslash when the Ventrue instituted the military dictatorship as reprisal, lead by Don Sebastião de Avis. Several years he spent in exile, returning when Odin, his sire, took Praxis at Van Eyck long absence.

He was known to be killed by the Sabat during an attack by March, 2005. Only his tattered clothes and ties were found with some of his ashes inside his car. They were buried by Moira and a statue in the Gallery of Fallen Heroes was made by François D'Lumière.

By mid February, 2011, he appears again at Brasilia's court. His identity is confirmed, but not even him knows what happened those almost 6 years absent...

Eventually, as one of the few of foundation members of the city alive, he reluctanly assume the praxis. This does not mean he will hand it to anyone...





Odin Rocha Van Eyck



Character Inspirations


  • Carmina Burana: Oh, Fortuna - Carl Orff



  • Was part on a malkavian prank where a few kindred obfuscated as Brazillian Archons. Some say that they did that to make the primogen Council to reveal that the former Prince was missing and to force the rise of a new Prince. Some say that they did that just for laughs.
  • Many believe he really talk to his ties, but some believe he is only answering them.
  • Once upon a time, was envolved with a group called "Nomeados em Sangue" (Named on Blood).
  • He really really despises Setites and Followers of Seth...