Yellow Eyed Jack

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Clan Gangrel
Position None
Status Under Accounting
Domain Annapolis, MD
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 000
Player Marty Greenway


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Jack's face up close

Alias(es): Jack, Jack Burton

Real Name:Unknown

Apparent Age: Mid 20s

Concept: Lone Wanderer looking for purpose

Physical description: Jack appears to be a young, healthy man in his mid to late twenties. He stands tall at 5 feet 10 inches with an athletic, wiry build. His dark brown hair is cut short and is often times disheveled and uncombed. His face, while handsome,(Alluring x3) is often somber and serious, and very rarely clean shaven. Jack's most defining feature is his bright amber, almost yellow eyes with the irises seeming just a bit larger than a human's should be. It is because of this, and his unwillingness to to give his name, that other Kindred (more specifically other Gangrel) have taken to calling him “Yellow Eyed Jack”.

Jack tends to dress ruggedly, preferring easy fitting clothes that are made to last. He is most often seen wearing well worn/frayed blue jeans, black hiking boots, T-shirts, hooded sweatshirts, and in cooler weather either an olive military style jacket, or an old black leather jacket. Jack almost always wears a pair of olive drab fingerless gloves to cover the strange, rough pads that have developed on his palms. At times, especially while traveling, Jack will be seen carrying an olive drab colored military ruck sack that is believed to contain all he owns.

Detailed Status: Currently under an Accounting... of sorts

Character Information

Very little is known of Jack's origins. From what little he has revealed about himself it is believed that he was born and raised somewhere up north in the New England states. He has no discernible accent to speak of and his mannerisms give little away in terms of upbringing. Some suspect that in his mortal years, Jack may have served in the military in some way. He carries a military style rucksack with him in his travels and exhibits skills and talents for wilderness survival as well as a working knowledge of first aid and emergency response that are not commonly taught to average civilians. When asked about this, Jack simply shrugs or flat out ignores the inquiry altogether.

Jack is a very soft spoken individual if he chooses to speak at all. This isn't to say that he is antisocial; Jack can easily hold a conversation. He just tends to avoid or simply refuse to answer personal questions, especially those inquiring about his mortal life or his real/full name. One can always count on Jack to be honest, some would even call him blunt. He will say exactly what he is thinking without regards for anyone's personal feelings. While some see this as a flaw, others value Jack's direct, no nonsense attitude, viewing it as a remarkably rare quality in the Kindred of the modern nights.

As a Gangrel, Jack has acquired more than just physical signs of the beast within. His movements have at times been described as feral and predatory, like those of a wolf or panther stalking prey. His stare can cause great discomfort to some who say his bright yellow eyes seem to pierce right through them like a monster sizing up it's next meal.(Intimidating x2) As a result of this obvious discomfort, Jack rarely maintains extended eye contact with any but those he knows well. Also, it is commonly said that Jack sometimes sniffs at the air around him or sniffs around other people as if trying to take in the scents of his environment. Strong odors (cigarette smoke, sulfur, strong perfumes/colognes, etc.) will sometimes cause him to wrinkle his nose in discomfort or even leave the immediate area.

Clan Prestige Malkavian - "True Friend"

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A charcoal sketch of Jack done by a friend

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Jack in wolf form

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Jack in hawk owl form

Known History

January 31st 2015 - Jack arrives unexpectedly at a Gathering in the Annapolis domain. Before the night ends, he inquires about joining the Camarilla. Prince Rook placed Jack under Accounting...sort of. Jack has since remained in this state, learning what he can from his fellow Kindred and aiding the Domain in any way he can.

March 2015 - Jack travels north to the Domain of Baltimore where he visits some of his clan mates and establishes connections with them.

April 2015 - Prince Rook of Annapolis places Jack under a formal Accounting with the Archon Hannah Martin as his instructor.




Jack tends to shy away from politics, preferring a more straightforward approach to things. He very rarely makes deals or offers boons. Instead, he prefers actual "friends" to "political allies". Even still, he is incredibly slow to trust, and keeps his circle of friends quite small.


Besides the Sabbat, none that he knows of.


Wynona Windrunner - Sire (NPC)- Jack speaks very highly of his sire on the few occasions that the topic comes up. She is said to be a wild, spiritual woman of Native-American heritage who prefers the comfort and solitude of the wilderness to the hum drum of big cities and the tediousness of Kindred politics.

“Blóðvængr” - Grandsire (NPC)- Jack speaks of his Grandsire with great reverence. It is said that she is quite old, hailing from ancient Scandinavia. According to Jack, she is a fiercely religious woman who firmly follows the religious philosophies of the Aesir.

"Red Jeggred" - Great Grandsire (NPC)- Jack has no kind words for his Great Grandsire. He claims to never had the misfortune of meeting this ancient monster. Red Jeggred is considered a monster even by other Gangrel. It is said that he is nothing more than a ravenous monster, having gone mad ages ago. Now stories say he surfaces from time to time, slakes his thirst on the blood of other kindred, then disappears into the wilds. Some say this ravenous beast slumbers in torpor somewhere in the frozen wastes of the world and that he has grown incredibly powerful through the diablerie of several of his for-bearers. Jack has been told by both his sire and grandsire that when Jeggred finally awakens from his slumber to reek havoc again, he may be called upon to aid in the monster's destruction.





Character Inspirations

"Captain Malcolm Reynolds" - Firefly

"Detective Russel Cole" - True Detective

"Ben Hawkins" - Carnivale

"Logan" - The Wolverine & Comic books

"Geralt of Rivia" - The Witcher Series

"Eddard Stark" - A Game of Thrones

"Ragnar Lothbrok" - Vikings

"Daryl Dixon" - The Walking Dead

"Richard Harrow" - Boardwalk Empire

Wanderers, Vagabonds, Ronin, Lost Souls, etc.


"My Curse" - Killswitch Engage

"Don't Follow" - Alice In Chains

"Cowboys From Hell" - Pantera

"The Ghost Woman and the Hunter" - Lacuna Coil

"Last Living Souls" - Gorillaz

"Standing Stones" - Jeremy Soule

"Animal I Have Become" - 3 Days Grace

"Eli" - Bosnian Rainbows

"Kiri" - Monorail

"Short Change Hero" - The Heavy

"A Drowning" - How to Destroy Angels

"99 Problems" - Hugo

"The Preacher" - Jaimie N Commons

"Immigrant Song" - Led Zeppelin

"Wherever I May Roam" - Metallica

"Madness" - Muse

"Where Is Everybody?" - Nine Inch Nails

"The Outsider" - A Perfect Circle

"Don't Stop Me Now" - Queen

"Big Empty" - Stone Temple Pilots

"Burden In My Hand" - Soundgarden

"Even Flow" - Pearl Jam

"Lilith" - Bjork

"Into Dust" - Mazzy Star



"Jack traveled with a group of Malkavians for a long period. One of them was a renowned Seer of the clan."

"Jack is actually far older than many claim. He only just recently awoke from a long period of torpor."

"Jack aided in the destruction of an elder Gangrel who had fallen to Wassail."

"Jack was a Park Ranger in his mortal years."

"Jack seems more at home among the Malkavians than he does his fellow Gangrel."

"Jack has traveled extensively throughout the New England area as well as parts of Canada. He has mapped out many safe roads through the wilderness that avoid Lupine territories."