William Mercy

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Clan Tremere
Position None
Status 4
Domain Atlanta, GA
Coterie None
Society None
Path Humanity 00
Player Axl


Alias(es): None

Real Name: Guillaume Mercadal

Apparent Age: Mid 40's

Concept: French Detective become Tremere.

Physical description: William is about 6 foot tall, balding blond hair with a touch of grey and piercing blue eyes, hidden under heavy set frames. He sometimes carries a walking stick, but typically wears an awful baby blue polyester coat which might have been fashionable sometime in the late 1960s.

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged by the word of Marquis Villeneueve, Prince of Marseille France
  • Esteemed by the word of Douma Charoum, Archon to Justicar Lotharius
  • Loyal by the word of Harold Keys, Primogen of Atlanta Georgia
  • Industrious by the word of Ferro Romono, Seneschal of Griffin Georgia

In December of 2016, William Mercy stepped down as Primogen of Griffin Georgia.

Character Information





Unknown (The Cup)



Clan Tremere

Character Inspirations

Any Tremere that specializes in Dominate and Auspex instead of Magic




  • He was once a Mage, but the embrace destroyed his magical proclivity make it even more difficult to learn Thaumaturgy. The only thing that stuck with him is Arcane, which explains why so many people tend to forget his existence.
  • He tries to hide how nice he is because he thinks his Clan won't respect him. Unfortunately, this only makes him seem insincere rather than tough.