William Harkness

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Clan Tremere
Position Sheriff
Status 6+1
Domain Portland, Maine
Coterie None
Society {{{Society}}}
Path Humanity 000
Player Dave N


Hartford, January 2009


None currently known.

Real Name:

Unknown; Harkness has commented in the past that he attended Yale University, and there are several buildings there named after the once wealthy, but now defunct, Harkness family - whose former estate is now a park on the Connecticut shore. On the other hand, there exist no records of a member of the family named 'William', either in the city of New Haven archives nor at Yale.

Apparent Age:

Late 20's - Early 30's


Shy Academic

Physical description:

Generally somewhat unassuming, Harkness stands five and a half feet tall, with dirty blonde hair and glasses. Around the same time he moved to Maine, he upgraded his choice of suits from academic tweed to more modern and fashionable cuts in gray and purple. His carved wooden cane is always to hand, and he often plays with a small orb of some sort of stone.

Detailed Status:

New Orleans, September 2010
  • Acknowledged by Prince Leopold of Vienna, 1939
  • Respected by former Prince Stast of Hartford, July 2008
  • Feared by former Prince Stast of Hartford,January 2009
  • Just by former Prince Davenport of Hartford, March 2009
  • Respected by former Prince Davenport of Hartford, November 2009
  • Admirable by former Prince Joe Evans of Westchester, February 2011
  • Feared as Sheriff of Portland, Maine, November 2010

  • (For Tremere Only: Duelist Reputation: Certamen)

Character Information

Known History

William Harkness has spoken on several occasions of learning to dance in Vienna, and his German has a distinct Austrian accent. He has also repeatedly mentioned that he was out of the United States for several decades in the 20th century, and that Hollywood movies like "Casablanca" and "Gone with the Wind" served as his link to american culture. He does not often discuss the circumstances of his embrace, but he has mentioned some involvement with the Spanish Civil war on occasion. In any event, he has made it plain that he was glad to return to New England when the time finally came.

Harkness arrived in Hartford with the New Year in 2008; for the first few months of his time there, he could usually be seen quietly sitting in Elysium with a book open in front of him. He served as a Deputy to various Sheriffs from his arrival until 2010, but as a general rule seemed to be less interested in politics than in his Academic studies.

He supported Victoria Rowlands' Praxis against Stast after it was revealed that the former Malkavian Prince had Diablerized a Sabbat Elder; later, he was involved in a series of strange happenings which culminated in a battle against a spirit of great evil - some called it a demon. When Sariel Sefirot threatened to kill Rowlands in Elysium and take the City for himself, Harkness declared that he would not stand by and allow either to happen. Instead of stay in the city for the political collapse that followed, Harkness left for Portland, Maine.

Arriving in May of 2010, he quickly became first a Deputy, then Sheriff himself under Prince Jerry Bonard. When Bonard was murdered by the Sabbat, Harkness was an early supporter of Andrea McDermott, the current Prince of Portland. Over the past two years he has traveled up and down the Eastern Seaboard, to Milwaukee, and as far as New Orleans, both for Prince Villon's soire and the Convention of Fire.


None known, though in past years he was often allied with the Hartford Primogen.


Harkness VTES, Courtesy Joe Schuster

Clan Tremere, including Dr. Sanlin, Micah Lazarion, Sabine Reya, Alistair Reid, M.D. and Caia Wickham in the Northeast, as well as others nationally, including Elias Beecher and Hugo Valentine.

Alexander P. Keefe, Ventrue Prince of Lewiston/Auburn, Maine

Andrea McDermott, Ventrue Prince of Portland, Maine

Connor O'Carthy, Ventrue of Portland, Maine

Edmond Dantes, Nosferatu Prince of Westchester, NY

Erin Landen, Deceased Tremere Primogen of Westchester, NY

Joe Evans, Deceased Gangrel Prince of Westchester, NY

Michael of Cornwall, Nosferatu Keeper of Portland, Maine

Natascia, Nosferatu Seneschal of Hartford, CT

Otto, Nosferatu Primogen of Portland, Maine

Tony Maietta, Brujah Primogen of Portland, Maine

Victoria Rowlands, Deceased Ventrue Prince of Hartford, CT

Hesha Ruhadze, Follower of Set


Logan, Anarch Assamite

Mica Ashford, Brujah Anarch

Sariel Sefirot, Deceased

Sascha Vykos, Tzimisce Noddist

Hesha Ruhadze, Follower of Set


Friedrich Dorner


None Known


None Known

Character Inspirations

Ars Magica, Call of Cthulu and HP Lovecraft in general, The Corpus Hermeticum and John Dee, The Spanish Civil War, Yale University


1930's Swing, Jazz, Big Band; "Spanish Bombs" - The Clash


To Sascha Vykos at the Convention of Fire:

"Are you enjoying the rare book room at Yale University? One of these days we'll take it back."

When asked about the annual end of the world crisis in Hartford:

"Don't worry about it, its not important. This happens every November."


  • Harkness had an affair with Laura Rosellini, of Clan Giovanni.
  • Harkness has had extensive experience with strange creatures of the night, including Angels, Magi and Faeries.
  • Harkness spent a short amount of time on the Assamite Path of Blood.
  • Harkness recently defeated an Adeptus Major of House Tytalin in Certamen.
  • Harkness would like nothing more than to be an Archon in service to Justicar Lotharius.
  • Harkness has been seen to be hobnobbing well above his station at national events.