Warren J. Peace

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Clan Ventrue
Position Former Prince
Status 6
Domain Buffalo, NY
Coterie ???
Society ???
Path Humanity 0
Player Dan K


Alias(es): Buffalo's Once and Future Prince

Apparent Age: mid- 20's

Concept: All-American war hero turned pillar of the Camarilla

Physical description: Average in appearance, standing 5'8" with dirty blond/brown hair and light blue eyes. Peace is typically seen wearing either a full suit that blends him into the rest of the Ventrue herd or a baseball cap and baseball jacket over khakis and a button-down for those rare, casual occasions.

Detailed Status: Acknowledged, Esteemed, Famous, Honorable, Resourceful, Luminous, *Exalted, *Famous, *Well-Known

Known History

Peace came to Buffalo around the mid-1950s with his sire. Eventually his sire, Sir Gregor Florent, moved on to other interests leaving his childre behind with a contingent of other Ventrue. Under Prince Thaumarion he was quickly selected as Seneschal and the obvious replacement when the Malkavian Prince "retired" from politics.

During some of the most productive years in Buffalo history, Peace battled both clanmates and members of other sects for control of the city. Some say this was the time of dueling Princes, where Buffalo underwent a power transition almost seasonally. His rival and constant contender for praxis, Sebastian Andolini was easily fooled by the machinations of mad members of clan Tremere from outside the domain claiming to be agents of the Justicariate and turned the city against itself, resulting in the praxis of the Brujah Cory Ashford Buchanon III. For some time this ended the Ventrue's hold upon Buffalo.

Peace left Buffalo but was replaced by a doppelganger created by the evil stone giant High Hat who used a chimera facsimile to throw the city into chaos. Eventually this false Peace was bloodhunted and destroyed by members of the city. Years later, the real Warren Peace cleared his name through assistance of his clan and conclusively proved his non-affiliation with the chimera impersonating him.

In 2012, Peace was called in to solve a matter of Ventrue clan business involving the fallen Prince Sean O'Connor, he was quickly advanced to Harpy. Less than a month later Prince Carlson's court turned upon him for his excessive violence and negligence against the Sabbat who tore apart Elysiums and the Masquerade. Peace, once again, coordinated efforts against the enemies of the Camarilla. In recognizing the need for stable leadership, Peace stepped up and brought the members of the Primogen Council and the denizens of the city together behind him, swiftly claiming praxis.

After making swift headway into the problems of Buffalo's domain, Peace ousted several factions of Followers of Set, Giovanni, and other unruly elements that had been destabilizing the domain. Several members of the Camarilla who had fled to the Anarch Movement in response to Edward Carlson's tyranny were brought back to the Ivory Tower. Unfortunately, Peace's willingness to open his arms to those who valued the Camarilla turned back upon him as a Ravnos visitor who had expressed interest in joining the Tower followed Peace to a private meeting and assassinated him.


Athelstane Mason
Grover Huf
Julian DuLuazon
Rick Solomon


Sebastian Andolini (Ventrue sect defector)
The Sabbat


Sir Gregor Florent (NPC)

Character Inspirations

Captain America
John F. Kennedy
Jack Hawksmoor (The Authority)


This Is War by 30 Seconds To Mars
Viking Death March by Billy Talent


"Hard pressed on my right. My center is yielding. Impossible to maneuver. Situation excellent. I shall attack!" ~ FERDINAND FOCH


  • Peace is a baseball enthusiast
  • A changeling curse upon the city awoke him from torpor; he took praxis the second time that night
  • Once let loose an army of mutants on the city
  • "Five time! Five time! Five time Prince of Buffalo, Mr. Warren J. Peace." ~ The White Rabbit
  • "A malevolent force seems to be attacking the Setites in this domain." ~ Warren J. Peace
  • Has an obsession with the Toreador.
  • Murdered by a Ravnos, who died shortly thereafter.