Viredya Indira

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Clan Gangrel
Position None
Status 6
Domain Baltimore, MD
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 000
Player Sarah C.


Viredya's picture


Real Name: Unknown, she has said from time to time that her husband made up her name

Apparent Age: 20-30

Concept: ideal kindred companion, but dependent on others and emotionally broken

Physical description: Viredya is an attractive woman of south asian descent. She has no apparent beast features and seems much more comfortable in urban settings than rural ones. Her timid but pleasant demeanor and traditional style of dress have given way to a clear forced attempt at being modern and a need to feel accepted by fellow less formal gangrel.

Detailed Status:

Acknowledged by Prince Mukhtar Bey of Cairo
Instrumental by Prince Luther Rommell of Baltimore, MD
Revered (non-positionally)

Character Information

Known History

Viredya came to Baltimore several years ago accompanied by her Brujah husband Jing Li. While he moved on quickly, she stayed and became a quiet background fixture. She had been in Baltimore for some years, but rose to prominence recently before, during and after Luther Rommell's praxis.




Luther Rommell
Evelyn Landrake
Mattias Roman
Victoria DeLaNoche
Pierrot Francon


Michael Southerland (deceased)



Character Inspirations



She was rumored to be Sabbat much to her very public dismay and very publicly checked and cleared.
She has recently had a tiff with Evelyn Landrake.
She has often been seen gossiping with Pierrot Francon.
She has no balls when it comes to gangrel matters and tends to complain behind the scenes rather than stand up for herself.
She has been looking for her husband for some years and has tried to hire people to help find him. It's unknown whether they just suck at finding a large asian man, or if they're being paid off to fail.
Someone confronted her about possibly being Mattias Roman's childe. She laughed. She disappeared from Baltimore recently.