Vincent St. John

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Clan Ventrue
Position None
Status 3
Domain Atlanta, GA
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 000
Player Justin



Real Name: unknown

Apparent Age: 19

Concept: The Bullied Atoner/ Mr. Nice Ventrue

Physical description:Normally standing at 6"0', he appears to be a Spanish youth. Strong build with broad shoulders and a thick jaw. When threatened or in a position of direct confrontation, his posture becomes more rigid to reveal his true 6"3' height.

Detailed Status:
Acknowledged by Prince Dr. Abner Baker, Jr of Knoxville, TN
Influential by Former Prince Cross of Griffin, GA (Deceased?)
Dutiful by Former Prince Cross of Griffin, GA (Deceased?)

Character Information

Known History

Vincent's history is shrouded in confusion. Some people report that he was first noticed in Spain in the 1400's, while others place his beginnings around the time of the American Revolution. The only solid evidence of prior history comes during the 1950's, when he started building up massive amounts of resources and influential pull throughout southeastern United States.

When Vincent first arrived in Griffin, he was immediately made Keeper of Elysium by the Prince. At the time, Griffin was a city full of those with martial prowess and skills towards violence. Vincent, noticing a lack of a Ventrue presence, decided to stay and see about owning the city.

After many months of watching the city crumble to bits and personally using his wealth to rebuild it. Vincent started to wonder if the domain was being destroyed from within. Slowly, other Ventrue started to visit and stay in the city. With the help of his fellow Ventrue and a few well-arranged deals with other select individuals, Vincent successfully took Praxis away from the now former Prince.

In May 2013, said former Prince Cross returned from the grave and ended up contesting St. John for his Praxis. Although Cross did not end up with the throne, he did succeed in removing St. John from his throne. Vincent St. John has recently been spotted in Atlanta, GA. Rumors that he has moved on and is never returning to Griffin have begun to circulating.



Knox Devereaux, Clan Ventrue
David Church, Clan Gangrel (Deceased?)
Charles X. Taylor, Clan Ventrue


Angelica Casteel DiLione, Clan Unknown
Marquez Adams, Follower of Set




Character Inspirations

Mick St. John- "Moonlight" TV Show
Julian Luna- "Kindred: The Embraced" TV Show
Angel- "Angel" and Buffy: The Vampire Slayer" TV Shows
David Xanatoes- "Gargoyles" TV Show


S-Preme - I Come From Money
Hard to See - Five Finger Death Punch
Deceiver - Disturbed
Love Crime - My Darkest Days


"Good cop, bad cop, huh? You are obviously really bad, but you can't truly call me good, can you?" -talking with David Church involving Keeper matters

"Yes, monster trucks and defense attorneys do not hold Hospitality in my domain!" -a conversation with the citizens of Middle Georgia about entertainment and philosophy.

" You don't remember seeing a flesh-crafted monster. What you do remember is having the worst sex in that back alley with your girlfriend. She just laid there and was like a dead fish. You decided to break up with her tomorrow! You don't remember me, these others, and you don't remember me erasing your memories." -a forgetful mind placed on a male mortal who saw too much.

"You don't remember seeing a flesh-crafted monster. What you do remember is having the BEST sex in that back alley with your boyfriend. He was like an acrobat on performance pills! The Extense obviously has been working. You have decided to propose to him tomorrow! You don't remember me, these others, and you don't remember me erasing you memory." -a forgetful mind placed on a female mortal who saw too much.


  • Vincent St. John is older than the Camarilla
  • Vincent St. John built his wealth by becoming close to dying rich widows.
  • Vincent St. John is afraid of love.
  • Vincent St. John armed the Griffin Police with fully automatic weapons.
  • Vincent St. John once punished someone with Status.
  • Vincent St. John names his retainers after important women from his past.
  • Vincent St. John hates defense attorneys.
  • Vincent St. John really hates the Followers of Set.
  • Vincent St. John once made a rival kindred public enemy number one by falsifying police records and creating numerous warrants of the kindred.
  • "Prince" St. John was entirely too accepting when he thought Harpy Cora Giovanni was the clan her last name would suggest. He may be much younger than he would have you believe.