Viktor Milot

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Clan Children of Haqim
Position Sheriff
Status 3+1
Domain Annapolis
Society {{{Society}}}
Path Humanity 0
Player Jason Dawson


Viktor's common Mask, which hides dark skin


Real Name: has never given a different name

Apparent Age: looks to be between 70-80

Concept: Assamite Noaidi

Physical description: Similar to the picture, but skin of the deepest obsidian when not covered by Obfuscate. Viktor is often found in worn, second-hand hooded clothing and modern glasses. A cool breeze constantly flows about him, often leaving those nearby feeling unsettled by his eeriness.

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged by Rook, Sovereign Prince of Annapolis, Maryland
  • Loyal by Rook, Sovereign Prince of Annapolis, Maryland
  • Resourceful by Luther Rommel, Prince of Baltimore Maryland

Character Information

Known History

  • Viktor only recently has joined Kindred politics and the modern world. Prior to falling in torpor, he lived most of his existence in study with his reclusive sire.
  • Atypically, he is not a native of the Middle East. He is Sámi People from Sápmi, born long ago and his style of blood magic is rooted in Sámi shamanism.
  • He served as a ghoul for hundreds of years and his Regnant would often forget to gift him Vitae. He thus aged quite a bit before he was embraced.
  • Viktor has been well received by Prince Rook's court in Annapolis, and now serves as Sheriff there.





Astegal the Hermit



Character Inspirations



  • "I hope the night finds you well"
  • "When you say a long time, by what scale of time do you reference?"


  • Was awoken from torpor when the Curse upon the Assamites was broken
  • Is older than Mohammed
  • Fled the strife of Europe during the Anarch Revolt, after they destroyed his sire