Victor Smith, Esq.

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Clan Tremere
Position Seneschal
Status 8
Domain Stockton, CA
Coterie ???
Society {{{Society}}}
Path Humanity ???
Player Eric Larsen


Victor Smith Esq 1.jpg



Real Name: Victor Smith Esq.

Apparent Age: Early to mid 50's

Concept: The ends justify the means.

Physical description: 5'10, 220 lbs. Brown Hair, Green Eyes. European descent.

Detailed Status:


  • Acknowledged by Prince MonCrieffe of Portsmouth, NH
  • Well-Connected by the Tremere Primogen of Portsmouth, NH
  • Well-Connected by Prince McGovern of Amador, CA
  • Dedicated by Prince Adrien Wolfe of Stockton, CA
  • Dignified as a Dignitary of the Camarilla


  • Cherished
  • Esteemed
  • Trusted

Character Information

Known History

Victor arrived in Amador, CA in January of 2010. He served as Tremere Primogen until Prince Lannock stepped down as Prince and was succeeded by Prince McGovern. He served the domain first as Seneschal and then as Primogen of Clan Tremere. In January of 2011, Amador, CA was over run by Lupines and the Kindred population was forced to flee the city. Victor moved to Sacramento, CA where he quickly was appointed to the Primogen council by Prince Riley. He served this position until July of 2011 when he was appointed Harpy by the Primogen Council. He continued to holds the position of Harpy in the domain of Sacramento, then under the Praxis of Prince McGovern until July 2012.

in January of 2013, Victor was appoint as Primogen of Clan Tremere in Sacramento CA.

In May of 2013, Victor moved to Stockton and took up the position of harpy within the Domain.

In March of 2015, Victor accepted the position of Primogen under Prince Dov of Stockton California.

In September of 2015 Prince Dov was removed from his Praxis of Stockton for failing to deal with the growing Anarch threat in neighboring Manteca. Aaron Fletcher of Clan Ventrue took Praxis of Stockton in an attempt to bring order and stability, but was unable to bring either.

February 2016, Victor was banished from Stockton by Prince Fletcher for allegedly assault an Anrach, though the details of the encounter have become something of a myth within Stockton, grow with each telling.

April 2016, Prince Fletcher lost his hold on Stockton as well as his unlife. Adrian Wolfe now holds Praxis over Stockton, CA, asking Vicotr to return to Stockton and serve as his Seneschal.

(note: Tremere only: Regent of the Third Circle of Mysteries. Member of House Validus)


None Known




Yorak Gurterman




None Revealed

Character Inspirations

Luthor Sloan, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Arvin Sloan, Alias




  • Has connections to a large secret society.
  • He is a coward that never meets privately in his real body.
  • Secretly harbors a Diablerist in his Haven.
  • Is afraid of Prince Cash McGovern.
  • Is controlling Prince Cash McGovern.
  • Has several secret Toreador lovers.
  • Has repeatedly dominated Cash McGovern, Malik Finn, Diana MahlGhoul among others to hide his agenda.
  • He is part of a powerful coterie in Stockton, CA. Lead by himself and Cody Chase.
  • He was Responsible for the Death Andrew Williams and former Prince Aaron Fletcher.
  • Is responsible for the Death of at least 8 Anarchs, possibly many more.
  • Responsible for the deaths/disappearance of many Assamites in Stockton, CA