Victor Marselos

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Clan Tremere
Position Deceased
Status ???
Domain Gimli, Canada
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 0
Player Iain MacNair


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Real Name:

Apparent Age: early 40's


Physical description: Grizzled, rough-looking Caucasian, with vaguely Mediterranean features. Glasses, and trenchcoat.

Detailed Status:

Character Information

Known History

Victor Marselos was a cop in the chaos of Greece following the first World War. Losing his wife and daughter in the unrest, he had largely retreated into a bottle and a snarling depression. The Tremere had no real presence in Greece at the time, but had a small, temporary outpost for a low-profile operation. While the vampiric authorities missed them entirely, Marselos connected a series of disparate events to get surprisingly close to uncovering the Tremere. Needing a local agent, the Tremere ghouled him, and then took him with them when they left the city.

He was eventually turned, and ended up in Gimli, Manitoba. He became the heavy hand of the Clan within the local clan, and a glowering presence at the back of the local court. He was the near-mute stereotypically-standoffish Tremere, while the rest of the Clan was often cheerful, open-handed, and very powerful within the City. Marselos was Keeper of Elysium for a period of time.

The Tremere in Gimli dwindled, and Victor formed alliances (though he barely recognized them as such) with various other court members. He was finally spurred into serious action when some of those allies were killed as the result of a tantrum by former Prince Kendrick. This led to him, eventually, claiming Praxis, which he held for several months, before being seriously injured in a Praxis attempt by Lorenza Leducci.

He eventually recovered his memories and got reinvolved with the court. He and Falana, the remainder of the Tremere power coterie, died when they did the stupidest of things - they trusted a Settite.



Falana Sundara
Dierdre Cassidy
Helena Andropolis


Legion (no, not that one. Not that one, either)
Thomas Kendrick
Leary S. Davidovitch
Lorenza Leducci




Character Inspirations

Drunk, surly, ex-cop