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<!--- Each Part of this Section has instructions, please pay attention closely --->
<!--- Each Part of this Section has instructions, please pay attention closely --->
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|Position=Whipping Girl
|Position=Whipping Girl

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Clan Caitiff
Position Whipping Girl
Status Acknowledged by Prince Hugo Valentine, Columbus, Ohio

Dutiful by Prince Donovan Lewis, Cleveland, Ohio

Domain Columbus, Ohio
Coterie {{{Coterie}}}
Society {{{Society}}}
Path Humanity -
Player Amber Kendel
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Real Name: Vanessa Morgan

Apparent Age: Late 20's

Physical description: Vanessa looks like a thug. A thug who has been to prison, made obvious by the two teardrop tattoos under her left eye, her name tattooed in curve across the right side of her neck, and when she is wearing short sleeves, the spiderweb tattoo on her left elbow can also be seen.
Vanessa tries to feminize her look, but often fails. Her idea of looking "pretty" or "more woman-like" is to accessorize her jeans and t-shirt with a pink bow in her hair.

Detailed Status:

Character Information

Known History


Hugo Valentine
Lydia Laskey
Chastity MacPhearson
Ash Williams
Bradley Lazarion



Vanessa's sire is unknown.


While he is not her own childe, she is currently teaching Matthew Stanton, and he is under her accounting.


Character Inspirations