Troy Capone - Deceased

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Clan Brujah
Position Deceased
Status 4
Domain None
Coterie ???
Society ???
Path Humanity O
Player Eric G


Troy is Deceased

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Alias(es): Torrancio Capone

Real Name:

Apparent Age: 27


Physical description: Troy is just under 6’ tall with a wiry athletic build. He has long dark hair and blue eyes. He is just too damn pretty. He has a near tangible aura of charisma about him.

Detailed Status:
Acknowledged – John Paul Florent IV, former Prince of Chicago, Illinois
Cherished – Sasha Florent, former Prince of Chicago, Illinois
Monumental – Manfred Brooks, former Prince of Peoria, Illinois
Respected – Peter or Patrick Kennedy, former Prince(s) of Chicago, Illinois

Character Information

Known History

Troy was destroyed on 12/16/2011 in Peoria, IL.

Troy was first acknowledged (under that name at least) in Chicago in the mid 1990’s. He is a lecherous flirt if not an outright womanizing sybarite.

He was the Seneschal for the four most recent Princes of Peoria (2010-2011), a Toreador, a Bruja, and 2 Ventrue. He and the previous keeper exchanged office recently with the full consent and support of their Prince.


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None known, though there are likely some out there.


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Character Inspirations




  • Troy was destroyed for being an infernalist.
  • Troy is rumored to hold vast amounts or influence and resources.
  • Troy is rumored to be a Setite infiltrating both the Camarilla and Clan Bruja. He may even be the progeny of the nefarious Setite Priest Sybarous.
  • Troy is rumored to be very distantly related to Al Capone the infamous Chicago gangster.
  • Troy is rumored to be far older than he claims.
  • Troy is rumored to be a Toreador who was kicked out of the clan for being too hedonistic.
  • Troy claims that he is Brujah so he can play the bad boy and flirt with the female Kindred.
  • Troy is rumored to have slept with a [Child of Haqim] because he lost a bet with a another kindred.
  • Troy is rumored to go to church every Sunday for some sin he committed in his past.