Trish Solomon

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Clan Tremere
Position Deputy
Status 5
Domain Annapolis, MD
Coterie None
Society None
Path Humanity 00
Player Leah Shein



Trish Solomon

Real Name: Patricia Worth

Apparent Age: 16

Concept: Manic teenage detective

Physical description: Trish is small in stature and *Gorgeous in a very juvenile sort of way. There's something *Magnetic(x2) about her, too. She's got long, somewhat frizzy blond hair that's usually pulled back in some form, gray eyes, and fair skin. On her face rests a pair of red plastic glasses. She moves with a frantic energy and can rarely if ever be seen completely motionless. She dresses in t-shirts (often one that reads, "If at first you don't succeed, blood magic!"), loudly patterned pants, and a black coat that jingles with charms dangling from its pockets (some occult symbols, some random objects). She can nearly always be seen carrying a black purse (her self-titled "detective's kit") with a strange looking plush doll strapped to it. Her various pairs of decorative sneakers are always scrubbed immaculately clean, like she's taken bleach to the soles or something. She tends to wear a headband with little golden wings on it.

Detailed Status:
Driven by Former Seneschal Annabelle Adams of Annapolis
Cherished by Sovereign Prince Rook of Annapolis
Dedicated by Sovereign Prince Rook of Annapolis
Insightful by Seneschal Ana Koslov of Annapolis

Character Information


Known History

Trish's life is a story of excessive curiosity getting a young woman into trouble. So far it's netted her one pissed off wraith and an embrace. Most notably about her history, though, is the fact that she was embraced in the middle of an acute manic episode, and her brain has been stuck like that ever since. She did her accounting somewhere in France, though she's vague about the details. She's vague about a lot of things, really.






Genevieve Solomon




Character Inspirations

  • Naoto Shirogane
    • "The fools all say it, don't they...? 'You're only a child,' 'Keep out of our business, kid,' and so forth. No matter how many cases you spend hours cogitating over, no matter how many crimes you solve, you're a child in their eyes. It's your brain they're interested in. The grey matter locked up in that skull. As long as they need it, you're an ace detective! But once you're done, it's back to the playpen with you. You haven't the means to deal with society's two-faced nature... You're just a lonely child." - Shadow Naoto, Persona 4
  • DSM-5 296.43




  • Trish is secretly a Malkavian. It's a secret to everyone. Including her.
  • Trish is capable of vibrating so hard she phases through objects. Who knows when she might do it?
  • Trish is an elemental from the caffeine plane. Or possibly cocaine. No one knows.
  • Trish is very much not a fan of her own clan.
  • Trish is not in fact a Kindred, but is actually seventeen squirrels in a double breasted coat and skinny jeans.