Tony Maietta

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Clan Brujah
Position Primogen
Status 6+1
Domain Portland, Maine
Coterie None
Society {{{Society}}}
Path Humanity 000
Player [Spencer R.]



Various names are used to keep in contact with his mortal influences. Kindred know him as Tony Maietta.

Real Name:


Apparent Age:


Physical description:

Tony Maietta is the perfect picture of a Maine working class hero. He retains a very human appearance blending in well with mortals. (Blush of Health) Tony always wears a beaten baseball hat, worn jeans, a dull orange puffy down vest, and usually caries at least one pair of brass knuckles around. He is not well known for shaking hands, rumored to be because of an icy touch that overcomes the person. (Touch of Frost) Mortals are also uncomfortable around him which Tony uses for his benefit when it comes to intimidation. (Eerie Presence)

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged by Prince of Las Vegas, Nevada (Mid 80's)
  • Brave
  • Dedicated x2
  • Honorable
  • Loyal
  • Revered by position

Character Information

  • Tony hates Sabbat with a passion and plays to his strengths in combat spraying the enemy with lead and then pounding their face in until they turn to paste. He fights hard for the domain he lives in and despises anyone who tries to destabilize it.
  • He is someone for the front line and when there is a fight people usually come to him or give him a call to let him know where the fight will be. When he does go into a fight he is armed to the hilt with brass knuckles, pistols, and sub machine guns. It's not uncommon for him to also drive a vehicle straight into the combat to do as much damage as possible before jumping out and laying into whatever is left.

Known History

  • Tony traveled out to Las Vegas in the early/mid 80's and didn't return to Maine until '08. He was involved in the slaying of traitors to the domain along with countless Sabbat to help fuel the war effort in the Northeast, creating a safe haven for the Camarila in a sea of Sabbat.
  • Usually he was seen with Carmine "Gramps" Russo, often acting as his Whip but never actually went to any meetings. When Gramps stepped down as Primogen to become Sheriff Tony took the mantle and has held it since.
  • He never really attended any courts when the former Prince of Portland (and elder) Jerry Bonnard held his Praxis.
  • Fought out in Orange County to help hold the domain against the Sabbat
  • Is now the only known Brujah within the domain of Portland Maine, a thought that worries a lot of people considering the fighting against the Sabbat has yet to die down.


  • None known, but Tony is known as a kind of voice for the Brujah in Maine.
  • He was rumored to have been apart of a coterie out in Vegas, and later the early part of his return to Maine, but does not seem to be apart of one now.



  • The Sabbat and anything else that threatens the domain that he lives in.


  • Unknown and not talked about


  • None known


  • None Known

Character Inspirations


  • Boom Lay Boom by Shinedown
  • Liberate by Disturbed
  • Rise by Disturbed
  • Everywhere I Go by Hollywood Undead
  • People = Shit by Slipknot


"Jerry wants to do what?...Good I'm sure he can go fuck himself"

"We need a Tremere...I need something to throw at the wooj"

"You've got two choices. Either you leave this warehouse through the door or through the wall."


  • Tony was once captured by the Sabbat in Portland and then let go.
  • Tony has a huge crush on Tatiyana "Anya" Pyotrevna
  • He has NO idea who his sire is.
  • He has a vengeful streak against any who have wronged him past or present.
  • Hates the now former Prince (and Clan mate) Jerry Bonnard of Portland with a passion.
  • Once tricked a Nos into flooding his own clan's holdings under the city with cement.
  • Hates Anarchs
  • Rumored to have come back a changed Brujah after seeing some of the sights in the war against the Sabbat in Orange County
  • Has learned Cosmology from the Tremere and his views on the world have been shaken to the core. Could this be an evil plot of the Tremere to fuck with Tony?