Thomas Cowell

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Clan Tremere
Position None
Status 2
Domain Griffin, GA
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 00
Player Player Name


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Alias(es): Tommy, Thomas, Tommy Cowell, That Damned Ghoul, Hey You, Kid

Real Name: Thomas Cowell (?)

Apparent Age: 18

Concept: Independent Contractor Party Ghoul turned Tremere Embrace

Physical description: Formerly, a tall, moderately built and strikingly attractive (Magnetic x4) kid in his late teens with a Mohawk, who's attire has ranged from torn jeans with a CM Punk t-shirt to a suit and tie over a reinforced ballistic vest. It seems he lost the mohawk before his embrace however, that or he shaves it nightly once he rises.

Detailed Status:
On Sept 6th, 2014 he was Acknowledged by Prince Remi Pompeii of Griffin, Georgia.
He was noted as being Fearless by Prince Pompeii on the night of March 7th, 2015.

[Tremere Only: Apprentice of the Third Circle of Mysteries]

Character Information

Known History

Thomas has lived a fairly well-traveled life for being as young as he is.

Having come to Georgia from Ohio (and originally being from Texas), he showed up in Athens one night and met three Brujah having a disagreement over a body on a back road, and said he was in town because he woke up after a bender with a bunch of Mexicans. This resulted in him spending several months there under the watchful eye of Jon Sebastian. After that, he went off on another drinking binge and ended up in Atlanta, then eventually he found himself in the city Griffin where he seems to have stayed. He made inroads by making himself available to kindred as a bodyguard in Atlanta and Griffin on a frequent basis, and never turned down an offer to "go have some fun" or "roll some bitches." Aside from that, to be honest, he hasn't been alive long enough to have had much more of a 'history.'

At the end of 2013 he started dropping hints to his current Domitor Danny Storm that he was ready for the embrace, and had reached his full potential as a ghoul. After being (to his perception) back-burnered for a few months and dismissed by quite a few people, he made the offhand mention that he'd been receiving offers from all sorts of interested parties and was holding out for the person that could 'let him live up to the potential awesomeness that he knew he had inside.

Then, come March of 2014 at of one of the monthly gatherings in Griffin, Tommy claimed (several times) to be the childe of (now former) Prince Danny Storm. He was, for him, quite low key that night and didn’t end up making any large splashes. He spent the next six months under the accounting until the beginning of September when Pompeii claimed Praxis of Griffin. At that point, Thomas was given an hour to find someone else to take him under their Accounting. Instead, he asked if he could just be Acknowledged.

Pompeii gave the request a moment of consideration, tasked Thomas with finding support for his Acknowledgement (which he did, in the forms of Ezekiel Cross, Dr. Josephine Lee and others). He recounted the Traditions, answered a rather awkward question posed by Simon Random, and was given his Acknowledgement by Prince Pompeii.

Late into the year, it was discovered that Thomas Cowell had been a Sabbat infiltrator operating within the city for an unknown amount of time, who was finally discovered and captured by Clan Tremere. His current fate to the general public is unknown, but Prince Pompeii did declare him Blood Hunted. Several allegations against his former Regnants have been made, tough no direct action has been taken against them yet.


He's been seen in private conversation with a true gamut of prestigious individuals in the Camarilla, from Princes to Primogen and even an occasional Archon. If he's part of an actual coterie, though? No one knows.


He was given quite a bit of leeway in Georgia as a ghoul. This could either be due to his frightening competency, or very powerful kindred looking out for him. Either way it's significant to note that he's still around. Now, with a different burden on his shoulders? Things are likely to turn out differently, and he may need to actually begin relying on people. He's been seen around a few of the same people from gathering to gathering, however.


He's likely upset a lot of people with his attitude and comments, but no ones gone so far as to take actual action against him.


As for a dad, he never knew the guy. The single stripper mom raised him all on her own. Until he turned 16, at least, when he set out on his own.

And a Sire, that's Danny Storm. But that relationship still has plenty of time to develop on its own.


He doesn't have any children (that he knows of, anyway).


He's never admitted to any, and Danny Storm has yet to claim any.

Character Inspirations

Every 17 or 18 year old dude-bro in training that goes out and gets drunk to have fun. It'd be a tragic figure in literature if he wasn't so damned fun to play.

Also, Deadpool. Always Deadpool, with a sprinkle of Dom Mazzetti from Broscience


1. Party Hard - Andrew W.K.
2. Lowlife - Theory of a Deadman
3. Kickstart My Heart - Motley Crue
4. Carry on Wayward Son - GWAR
5. Boom, Headshot - Zealous1 & BBear
6. Applause - Lady Gaga (Metal Cover)
7. Flirtin' With Disaster - Molly Hatchet
8. Girls - Beastie Boys
9. Remember the Name - Fort Minor
10. Local God - Everclear


11. Boyz in the Hood - Dynamite Hack
12. Debonaire - Dope
13. Baby Got Back - Sir Mix-A-Lot
14. Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting - Nickelback & Kid Rock
15. Regulate - Warren G Feat. Nate Dogg
16. House of the Rising Sun - Five Finger Death Punch
17. Hotel California - Kris & Karl Anderson
18. Radioactive - Our Last Night Band
19. Beat It - Raintime
20. Wannabe Gangstar - Wheatus


A few months after being told by a Child of Haquim that he wasn't special enough to go to their "ninja camp."
Tommy: "And then the bitch-ass Assamite said I couldn't go to his ninja camp!"
Josephine Lee: "Tommy! Language!"
Tommy, after an eye-roll and sigh: "Fine. And then the bitch-ass Child of Haquim said I couldn't go to his ninja camp."

To Jon Sebastian, after expanding his musical tastes.
Tommy: "Have you heard this gangster rap shit? It's fucking awesome!"

In response to being told dragons are real.
Tommy, in potentially the most serious tone he's ever used: "I gotta find me one, whoop its ass, and bang a princess."

Incorrect Phrasing
Tommy: "You should take me, I'm as useful as tits on a bull."
Athens Brujah: "The phrase is 'as useless as tits on a bull'."
Tommy: "What? Nah. What dude wouldn't want a giant pair of titties he could play with anytime? Tits would be awesome!"
Brujah: ".........."

Tommy: "You need to be a lot less Sylvia Plath and a lot more Hemmingway. Except for The Sun Also Rises. That'd be a bad reference."


  • Is actually a woman who escaped from a fundamentalist compound.
  • Is dead.
  • Was the ghoul of Irish, the Independent Gangrel
  • Was the ghoul of Svidi, the Anarch Gangrel
  • Was the ghoul of Kreiger Klein, the Anarch Brujah
  • Was the ghoul of Jon Sebastian, the Camarilla Brujah
  • Was the ghoul of Dr. Josephine Lee, the Camarilla Ventrue
  • Was the ghoul of a Prince. Or several Princes, even.
  • Is still actually a ghoul, and his 'embrace' was a strategically planned fake-out.
  • He earned his embrace through blackmail, like any good Kindred should.
  • Was a Sabbat member who successfully infiltrated Clan Tremere for nearly two years.