Thomás Cabrero

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Clan Tremere
Position None
Status 1
Domain Mogi das Cruzes, SP - BRAZIL
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 000
Player Tramonte



Cabrero in unusual clothing

Pai Thomás, Papa Thomas, Cabrero

Real Name: Not revealed

Apparent Age: About thirty

Concept: Santeria Priest for Hire

Physical description: Cabrero is a small, overweight man with an easy smile at his face. He always dress in white, bearing several necklaces and usually wears sandals or walks with bare feet. Ocasionally he straps a giant bamboo rattle at his back.

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged by Prince ??? of Campinas, SP - Brazil

Character Information

Known History

Tremere Coterie in formation...
Get along!
Walking with the Tremere Elder Natan Hanah and Filipe

Thomas was embraced by Demetrius von Webber about the year 2000 due to his mediunity and influence among afro-latin religions. Anyway, Cabrero kept close laces with the mortal society and haven't attended many Camarilla callings until 2011, when he was sent to Mogi das Cruzes to investigate the death of the Tremere Seneschal Victor Dantas.

He was the only Tremere in the Domain at this moment, but soon many others came to help in his task and he slowly began to slide off the Camarilla spotlight. Today he makes occasional appearances in the Sao Paulo, Campinas and Sorocaba Domains.

Tremere only: Cabrero have been promoted fast as a lightning to be a Regent and he founded a new Chantry in Mogi das Cruzes: Alvorada Serena (Peaceful Dawn). He is a visionary and have some unusual points of view, treating his Apprentices nearly like equals. Although he isn't very popular among Traditionalists, he is known to have a large network in the Pyramid.

Update: Cabrero has been killed by a Serpent of the Light during a Sabbat attack wave in may, 2012.




  • Clan Tremere (most of it)


  • No enemies declared


Demetrius von Webber


Kristos Macumbeiro


None revealed

Character Inspirations



  • May Ifa bless your tongue and guide your path.
  • May the Orishas guard your soul.
  • You look too worried... maybe you should take a sea salt bath to clean up all this bad energy!
  • Lets see what the buzios told us about yout problems...


  • Cabrero is known among dozens of mortals as Papa Thomas and is the leader of a Afro-Latin cult;
  • The first Terreiro (portuguese word for "voodoo" yard) built by Cabrero in Mogi das Cruzes has been burned down by Fomori;
  • He is deemed among the Tremere as a charlatan;
  • He have a great knowledge about Wyrm;
  • Tremere only: he is a skilled Wangateur. In fact he prefer the study of the primitive ways of the Wanga than the Hermetic Thaumaturgy;
  • Tremere only: he is eager to have more freedom than his actual Regent position permits.
  • Giovanni and Tremere only: he have a spiritual being known as Dan that acts like his spiritual mentor and partner. This spiritual being assumes the form of a young black man with a long rainbow snake wraped around his body.