Thedrick Turpin

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Clan Ventrue
Position None
Status 3
Domain St. Augustine, FL
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 000
Player Jonathan Gravely


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Real Name: Unknown

Apparent Age: 38

Concept: Ventrue party boy

Fame x 3

Physical description: Thedrick stands approx. 6'2" tall and has salt & pepper hair. His blue eyes are piercing. His frame is average, not too athletic but not too flabby. He is rarely seen outside of professional dress.

Detailed Status: Acknowledged by Lady Anne Bowesley, Queen of London, England; Loyal by word of Lord Avery Hutton, Seneschal of London; Brave by word of Lord William Pennington, Prince of Nottingham, England.

Character Information

Known History

Thedrick has always been from London, so far as anyone can tell. His mortal origins are not something he discusses, so very little is known about where he came from.

What is known is that, as a mortal, he was very influential in the financial sector of London. Some muse that he was a Name at Lloyd's of London and this is what got him noticed, but his name doesn't appear in any of Lloyd's financial records. He gets invitations to all the right parties in London and is known to always at least make an appearance. And on his arm is always one of the hot topics from the latest gossip rag...both male and female...

He is known to be famous in the financial sectors with current financial powers coming to him for investment advice. Some even think he may have had a hand in the collapse of the American mortgage market.

His recent relocation to the States is shrouded in mystery. Was he sent here due to another Ventrue's mistakes? Was he sent away from London for punishment/protection? Was he just bored of the same scene and decided it was time to shake things up across the pond?


While not a known member of any established coterie, Thedrick is called on for his consulting services from time to time.


Virgil Deems

Kathrin Braddock

Kate Davidson


None known publicly


Charles Frammingham (Dead)



Character Inspirations

Warren Buffet




Thedrick out maneuvered another member of the London Domain and it was not taken kindly.

Thedrick got preferential treatment due to his lineage.

Thedrick was a penniless pauper prior to his Embrace and some feel he was never worthy of the Ventrue name.