The Belt Game

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The Belt Game is a competitive game created by members of Clan Brujah, epitomizing the clan's love of physicality, teamwork, cunning, and casual violence.

Originally created by Zio! and Paul Walker to keep their clan occupied during the Rant at the 2008 Minneapolis-St. Paul Conclave, with the blessing of the hosting Prince Jordan Restax, the game continued throughout the rest of the weekend without serious incident, and proved an entertaining distraction from the heavy political climate. Since 2008, the game has gained popularity, and has become a fixture at Midwinter.

Participation in the Belt Game is typically restricted to Brujah, but in the past has been extended to to the Prince of the hosting domain, or those who enjoy a good rapport or a friendship with the clan.

It has been whispered that this is a Sabbat ritual that Zio! has brought with him after his capture by the Sabbat to subvert the clan.


  • Respect the court and Elysium at all times. While the game is a physical sport, and does not inherently violate Elysium, consideration must be given at all times to court officers. Securing the permission of the Prince before playing is advised.
  • The Belt Game is open to Brujah only (few exceptions are ever made to this, and only at the discretion of the administrators).
  • For the sake of the game, the belt must be kept on your person and displayed at all times. The use of Obfuscate is permitted, as is Chimestry, as long as it is within the spirit of this rule.
  • If you see someone with the belt, take the belt. Deception is permitted, as is physical force, but cause no lasting harm.
  • If you have the belt, don't give up the belt.
  • If someone from outside the game takes the belt, everyone teams up to take it back.
  • Whoever has the belt at the end of the event wins, and has the option of starting with it at the next event.

Results and Past Winners

Minneapolis-St. Paul Conclave - 2008 (2 belts in play)


  • The debut of the belt game.
  • Mikey P had an impressive record of 52-5, with victories against nearly every participant.
  • Paul had a record of 1-0, with 1 victory against Mikey P.


Baltimore 2008

Milwaukee - Midwinter 2009 (2 belts in play)


  • Clan Nosferatu is invited to participate.
  • Desmond Lockheart defends his belt most of Friday night, but sets it down for a moment to relax. A small group of Nosferatu led by Sauske take the belt, and Clan Brujah is unable to retrieve it for the rest of the weekend.


Milwaukee - Midwinter 2010 (2 Belts in play)


Milwaukee - Midwinter 2011 (4 Belts in play)


  • Pinky Wheeler returns with his belt from 2009
  • Elias Beecher, an unauthorized participant, is asked to surrender a belt by the belt commissioner
  • Katherine Zilthai, the Prince of Milwaukee, is invited to participate


Virginia - Nonclave 2011 (2 Belts in play)


Hartford - Northeast Event 2011 (1 Belt in play)



Zio! with the belt at Midwinter
The women of Clan Brujah with 'the Belts' at Midwinter Ball 2011. From left to right, Theadora Carlisle, Katja Nothing-Llyandryn, and Anya Pyotrevna.
Tatiyana "Anya" Pyotrevna with the Brujah Belt at Midwinter 2012 after the Moloch fight.