TJ Blackthorne

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Clan Gangrel
Position Harpy
Status 6+1
Domain Annapolis, MD
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 000
Player Bill


Funny look.jpg

Real Name: Timothy Joseph Merlin Blackthorne

Apparent Age: 40

Concept: Fast Talking Salesman

Physical description:
Always wears a jacket with a raccoon lapel pin. Prefers blue jeans.
Blue eyes, brown hair, goatee. Enchanting Voice AND Aptitude: Expression

Detailed Status:
Acknowledged by Prince Abner Baker, Jr
Loyal by word of Prince Mattias Roman
Resourceful by word of Prince Vincent Velario
Steadfast by word of Prince Vincent Velario
Tenacious by word of Prince Rook
Fierce by word of Prince Rook
Influential by Station

Character Information

Known History

FameX5 Fine Art Dealer, Socialite, Philanthropist

TJ Blackthorne says he was "born on a mountaintop in Tennessee, tried to kill a bear but the bear killed me." He showed up in Annapolis in 2008 and immediately got caught trying to steal a priceless Edwardian goblet from the Prince, dressed in a ninja costume. A colorful character, being a self proclaimed raccoon ninja apparently means he is a fantastic scout who frequently has the goods. In 2010, he very publicly married Janet Lyndon, childe of Archon Jessica Kesch. They are married still.

In 2011, TJ performed a poem titled "The Snake Oil Seller" and presented a carving titled "The Triumph of the Mongoose" at an Elysium gala hosted by Prince Adrian Florent in Baltimore. Not long after, TJ became the Harpy of Annapolis, replacing Vincent Velario who had just claimed Baltimore's Praxis.

Shortly after becoming Harpy, Rook of Clan Toreador took the Praxis of Annapolis. TJ has remained Harpy throughout Rook's rule, becoming increasingly more vocal and active, both locally and nationally.


Janet Blackthorne
C.J. Holmes

While these are TJ's closest and most permanent allies, he claims many, many friends.


TJ would never admit to having enemies, only friends he doesn't really like.


Bjorn the Undefeated


None known.


None known.

Character Inspirations

Ocean's 12: The Night Fox
Johnny Cash
Bruce Wayne
How to Win Friends and Influence People


"Don't Wait for Tom" Over the Rhine
"Dirty Laundry" Don Henley
"God's Away On Business" Tom Waits
"Kill the King" Megadeth
"Poker Face" Lady Gaga
"Smile" Slim Thug
"Eye in the Sky" The Alan Parsons Project
"You Don't Know How It Feels" Tom Petty
"I Won't Back Down" Tom Petty
"Jug O' Punch" The Clancy Brothers
"Johnny I Hardly Knew Ya" Dropkick Murphys
"Everybody Knows" Leonard Cohen
"Ring of Fire" Johnny Cash


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"I'm a little raccoon with a big voice."
"Why are you looking at me? I'm just an art salesman."
"I was born on a mountaintop in Tennessee, I tried to kill a bear but the bear killed me."
"Well now, see here, the thing is..."
"The Camarilla is a club designed to let its members use humanity to live forever and rule the world. What's wrong with that?"
"Drop the bimbo, dipshit."


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He is a chicken shit who can't win a fight to save his life.
He risks his life constantly because he is manic-depressive and often suicidal.
He stole Chantel Rousseau's piano from the middle of a gathering full of Kindred.
He has a genuine Picasso in his bedroom, and a Van Gogh in his office. Or maybe they are fakes.
Regrets getting married.
Has already been unfaithful to his wedding vows.
Killed a demon in raccoon form.
Hit the infernal methusaleh Hadrian with the holy sword one more time than anybody else at Nonclave 2011, but gave up the status he was granted for doing it because Simon Random called his wife sweet cheeks...
Is obsessed with Clan Toreador because of an old grudge.
He was pretty crazy until he married a Malkavian. He's gotten a lot better since then.
Tells a good story.