Syrol Trent

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Clan Ghoul
Position None
Status Recognized
Domain Columbus, OH
Coterie ???
Society ???
Path ??? ???
Player Justin McMullen




Real Name: Syrol Trent

Apparent Age: 28

Concept: Right-hand man / Corporate spy

Physical description: 6'2", 180 lbs, dark hair, green eyes. Syrol usually wears jeans and a suit jacket with a T-shirt underneath. For more formal occasions, he wears a full suit, always less flashy than Valentine's.

Detailed Status:

Character Information

Known History

Syrol has been Hugo Valentine's go-to ghoul since 2007. He managed small issues for all of Valentine's offices. As ghoul to Keeper of Elysium Valentine, Syrol regularly conducted investigations into Masquerade breeches and coordinated the use of influences so as to be as effective as possible. As ghoul to Seneschal Valentine (under Karsh's Praxis), Syrol coordinated between all the city officers to see that Valentine's nights were kept as free as possible. As ghoul to Prince Valentine, Syrol ran the night to night activities of the Domain as well as dealt with issues too minor to interest the Prince.

During his visit to the Grand Elysium in Columbus 2009, Syrol attracted the interest of Justicar Petronius. His Elegance requested, and was granted by Prince Valentine, the Rite of Progeny over Syrol. Shortly thereafter, Syrol traveled to Rome where he spent nearly 8 months in the personal service of Justicar Petronius.

Now, Syrol is ghoul to Archon Valentine. His job involves investigations into infernal matters and coordinating resources so that Archon Valentine can effectively stamp out Infernalists where ever they may be.



Hugo Valentine
Anyone Archon Valentine considers an ally


The enemies of Archon Valentine


None. And after nearly 4 years of service as a ghoul, it doesn't look like that will ever change.


As a good Catholic, Syrol doesn't use condoms... so probably.


Character Inspirations

The Secret Service agent who's job it is to stand in front of the bullet.



Black: "I'll not be spoken to with such disrespect by a ghoul!" Syrol: "Actually, when I speak, it's with the voice of Prince Valentine. So it's the Prince who just disrespected you. Would you like to ask him for an apology?"

"Justicar Petronius, if you want the Tremere to support the entrance of the Children of Haqim to the Camarilla, put the dogs back on the leash. Let the Tremere replace the blood curse. That will prove the Children are willing to sacrifice for the Camarilla."

"I'm sorry, but the Prince is busy. If you'd like, I can come find you when he's ready to see you."


Syrol is secretly a spy for Justicar Petronius
Syrol has gone on dates with a male Toreador in Columbus.
After Valentine swore he'd never embrace Trent, Syrol attempted suicide.
Syrol was once poached by an admirer, Rowan Hewett. Valentine recovered his ghoul and punished Rowan by removing all of Syrol's memories of him.
He uses cocaine.
Syrol has become quite proficient at wielding white hot irons.
Syrol actually maintains a second identity as Larry, Valentines trouble-making ghoul.