Sybil Chandler-Blanchett

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Clan Tremere
Position None
Status 2
Domain Atlanta, GA
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 00
Player Mary Shepard


Alias(es): Sybil Chandler-Blanchett

Real Name: Unknown

Apparent Age: 25

Concept: Victorian Socialite

Physical description:
Sybil stands approximately 5'6". She is a lady of a caramel complexion and now jet black long hair; it appears as if she is almost mulatto. She has a light brown eye, being blind in one eye and is always wearing an ornate eye patch of some sort. Her hair is typically worn in an ornate and archaic Victorian style but has since been trying to update her style to something more recent.

Detailed Status:

Acknowledged by Prince Marshall Rowlands of Manchester, England
Useful by Prince Sigmund Brandt of Baton Rouge

Character Information

Sybil in one of her Victorian gowns.

Known History

There isn't much known about Sybil outside of her family. Only her sire and close "family" know her true background and what her history is. But what is known that she is obviously from the Victorian era and that she is very British. Though her complexion obviously gives it away, she is of mixed races. Not a single person knows the conditions of her upbringing or how that, in her era, she and her sister received the education and training they did.

In the beginning, she and her sister started out as ghouls before Sybil was ultimately embraced. In the early 1900s, she kept to herself and did as she was instructed to. In the first World War, she served as a nurse like most women did along side with her sister. It was hard for her but she kept her composure. By the time the second World War, she was immune to the amount of blood and gore that she saw. After seeing the death and destruction in England, she kept to herself after that. Other wars came and went but she stayed out of the public eye for a very long time.

Somewhere around the late 80s to early 90s, she made her appearance once more. She decided it was time to get back into the swing of things because not socializing had finally taken its toll. She had established herself as a high society lady once more, mingling with the nobles and royalty of her home.


She is not known to be in a coterie...but she is married to the Toreador Primogen of Atlanta, David Blanchett.

Mr. & Mrs. David Blanchett


David Blanchett
Winston Trask
Sigmund Brandt
Katherine Morgan
Amir Koren


The Anarchs of Baton Rouge, LA


Airis Mal




Sonny Frost (deceased)

Character Inspirations

English Nobility such as:
Winifred Cavendish-Bentinck, Duchess of Portland
Ivy Cavendish-Bentinck, Duchess of Portland
Georgiana Cavendish, Duchess of Devonshire


Sybil's Soundtrack


"You would like me to do...what?"

"I'm sorry...but you must have mistaken me for some common trollop."

"And I am supposed to care...because...."

"You must have lost what little mind you have..." as said to a Baton Rouge Anarch Malkavian

"You like to play with fire...don't you? That's do I..."

"To be honest, ma'am...I'm only helping you because it helps me. So believe me when I say I'm not doing this because I like you.."

"I know why you're looking at me like that...keep doing it..."

"It's only opium...what is the fuss about that?'s outlawed now....anyway..."

Sybil relaxing with her uncle and grandfather in Baton Rouge.


  • She and her twin sister are incestuous.
  • She is never seen without a fan for some strange if she actually does get overheated.
  • In her mortal life, she was an actual witch that was burned at the stake during the Puritan days in the Americas.
  • She doesn't own anything newer than 1860 it seems.
  • She is blissfully married to a Toreador.