Stephen Vimes

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Clan Nosferatu
Position None
Status 2
Domain Baltimore, MD
Coterie None
Society {{{Society}}}
Path Humanity 0000
Player Robert Eckman


Sylus' Primary Mask Appearance.

·Stephen Ianto Vimes
·Foul Jack
·Reginald Davis

Real Name: Stephen Davis

Apparent Age: 32

Concept: Butler

Physical description: Round, and corpulent, Stephen Vimes is covered in pustules and sores, with a wickedly wide grin that literally reaches
from ear-to-ear. His mouth is so large, in fact, that the bridge of his nose has collapsed and half of his face is nothing
but mouth, filled with razor-sharp fangs. Alternately, Stephen's most common appearance is a tall gentleman wearing a suit and
tie, most resembling a butler of medium build. Stephen, in this appearance is very unassuming and nondescript, so much that it
would be difficult to pick him out in a crowd of similar gentlemen in more expensive, high-brow settings where a suit and tie are
common. Rarely without his Giorgio Armani Smartphone, pocket watch, and metal cigarette case, Stephen is typically the last one
in a room that people would point out as a Nosferatu.

Detailed Status:
· Acknowledged · Well-Connected · Prestigious Sire (Blackwood X)

Character Information

((Under Construction))

Known History



Coteries are a Death Sentence.


· None




·Blackwood X




·Yoshida X (Deceased)
·Victor X (Deceased)
·Wayne Ardmore
·Snaps X
·Syndrome X

Character Inspirations

· Ianto Jones Butler-ish Former Member of Torchwood Institute London that joined Torchwood Cardiff Torchwood. (TV)
· Sam Vimes - Discworld Series by Terry Pratchett (Books)
· Stephen Morrisey - Solo Artist/Vocalist for The Smiths (Musician)
· Alfred Pennyworth, as played by Michael Caine - Batman Begins, Batman: The Dark Knight (Film)
· Jean Passepartout, as played by Eric Idle - Around the World in Eighty Days (1989) (TV Mini-Series)


·The Smiths - November Spawned a Monster.
·Jeff Buckley - So Real.
·Orgy - Dizzy


"You're just another pretty face in a room full of whores, no you don't mean much." - Dizzy, Orgy (Candyass)


·There are no rumors about Vimes. It's hard to start rumors about one of the people who spread them.