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Office of the Camarilla Coordinator

Team Camarilla Subcoordinators

  • Ashirra and M.U.T.E: Blair B.
  • Wiki Admin and Camarilla List: Bonnie C.
  • E-Division and Regional Brazil: Denis B.
  • Packet and Genre: Janel L.
  • Carrots and Propaganda and Ivory Legion: Jessica A.
  • Wiki Admin: Lara G-R.
  • Blood Bound and Josians: Maja Z.
  • 5 Year Old: Megan Mc.
  • Losmbra Herald: Mike "Woody" W.
  • Subcoordus de Libro: Patrick S.
  • West Coast: Patrick W.

Team Camarilla Legacy Subcoordinators

  • Rojir Mc.
  • Shane K.