Siobhan Fae

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Clan Assamite
Position None
Status 1
Domain Lehigh Valley, PA
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 000
Player Crystal M


Alias(es): Siobhan

Real Name: Siobhan Fae

Apparent Age: Mid 20s

Concept: Druid

Physical description:
Siobhan is a smaller girl with long red hair. She has green eyes that tend to flash bright green when she's angry. Her skin is still pale, and she has some freckles.

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged by Prince of Ireland

Character Information

Known History

Siobhan was the daughter of a Druid Lodge leader. She was born with several abilities, one of which is the ability to speak to spirits. Her parents thought she was crazy, and sought out different ways to try and drive away the demons they thought she had. As she spent years at the hands of different priests and holy men performing exorcisms and rituals, she grew more and more distant to humans. She befriended a spirit in a doll, and that became her mother figure. She spent most of her time talking to the doll, and lost touch with reality around her.




Rishi Massoud
Rue Massoud
Razi Massoud
Allie Enti



Artemis Enti


None currently


Allie Enti

Character Inspirations

She was a co-written character based on an idea to try and meld the Laws of Haqim and the Druid circles




  • The spirit of Ireland itself has lived inside Siobhan since she was born. Her magic, her abilities, everything that is her being is permeated in it.
  • Her magic grows peat moss and fairy circles around her feet
  • CoH Only: She has been living with Rishi Massoud since her sire left her.
  • CoH Only: When her sire left to join the sabbat, she presented herself to the Tempest to be take to the Justicars for their judgement. They then removed her PSM and sent her on her way
  • CoH Only: She was very angry after this, and spent a lot of time drinking in Rishi's haven.
  • She went on a spirit quest in the Umbra with Ezekiel Spotted Horse. She came back changed, happier.
  • She is madly in love.
  • She is the eldest of her broodmates, and while she still acts like a child, she is fiercely protective over her little sister.