Simon Lazarion

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Clan Tremere
Position Sheriff
Status 2
Domain Stockton, CA
Coterie ???
Society ???
Path Humanity 000
Player Jamo


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Simon Lazarion

Real Name:

Apparent Age: Mid 30's

Concept: Emo poet meets Occult investigator with a touch of Treasure hunter.

Physical description: 5'11" Pudgy Caucasian man. Brown hair, Blue eyes with Glasses. The quiet type.

Detailed Status:

Tremere only- Regent of the first circle of mysteries

Character Information

Known History

Simon was embraced in 2002. He went through a speedy Accounting and was Acknowledged the same year. Being the Reclusive type he spent most of his early years in the chantry studying languages and Occult knowledge. It wasn't until 2011 that Simon first made an appearance in the court of Kenosha under the reign of Ariel Emmerson.

Simon served the court of Kenosha and quickly attained the position of Primogen of Clan Tremere. In 2012 Dugan McKinney claimed the title of Prince of Kenosha during a bloody praxis, Executing Prince Areil Emerson and Seneschal Sarafina Gallo.

Simon continued to serve Prince Dugan McKinney as Primogen until he was killed by the rebellion in 2012. Shortly after McKinney's death at the hands of the rebellion, Paul walker claimed Praxis of Kenosha.




  • Assamites




Character Inspirations

  • Daniel jackson from Stargate
  • Marcus brody from Indiana jones
  • Rick O'Connell from the Mummy Franchise




  • Simon is trying hard to hold onto his humanity. A task made difficult considering who is sire is.
  • Simon was a Toreador ghoul before he was Embraced.
  • Simon hates Assamites because he was almost murdered by one as a ghoul.