Sigmund Brandt

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Clan Tremere
Position Prince
Status ???
Domain New Orleans, LA
Coterie ???
Society ???
Path Humanity ???
Player Player Name


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Real Name: Unknown

Apparent Age: 35

Concept: Sympathetic Elder

Physical description: Sigmund stands 6'0" with a medium build. His hair is jet black, kept short and neatly cropped. The stark black contrasts his pale skin, and his light eyes are framed by an angular face with high cheek bones.

Detailed Status:

Character Information

Known History

Very little is known about Sigmund Brandt's history prior to coming to the new world. He is originally from Germany, but few know when or whether it was then called Germania. In the mid-19th century he settled in Texas amongst a wave of German immigration. During the early 20th century he traveled throughout the north east settling briefly in Chicago to wait out the second world war.

His low profile waned in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina destroying much of the gulf coast. Sensing opportunity, he first publicly resurfaced in Mississippi in late 2008. Strangely, his appearance was in territory contested, at the time, by the anarch movement. While it is common knowledge he deftly manipulated the anarch political situation, causing the rise and fall of several barons, and caused the anarch group to move to Baton Rouge, no one agrees on the specifics of how.

In 2010, he followed the anarch migration to Baton Rouge then ruled by Prince Xavier. While inflaming the movement against Xavier, Sigmund eventually arranged to support and stabilize a caitiff’s ascendency as baron of the Baton Rouge anarch movement. When the anarch movement confronted Xavier, Sigmund seized the opportunity to contest Xavier’s influences destabilizing his praxis.

Following Xavier being deposed, Sigmund declined to contest the anarch’s claims on a free state declaring himself merely the Tremere primogen of Baton Rouge, and “eldest among thee”. He formalized his relations with the anarch movement and defined the borders of his domain with a treaty signed in October 2010 – the Pactio de Saepes. The treaty was publicly displayed only once, during its signing, and he has possession of the only copy.

In early 2012, after a series of failed barons within the anarch movement, Sigmund harvested the seeds of praxis he planted with the exile of Xavier; he announced his praxis over the whole of Baton Rouge, expanding the borders of his domain from those previously defined by the Pactio de Saepes. He declared the free state experiment at an end, and welcomed the return of Baron Thistle to guide the anarchs back to their enjoinment to the Camarilla.

Sometime later, he began feuding with the neighboring Prince Mandeville, the prince of the Louisiana Hegemony, over the death of Sony Frost, a Tremere residing in New Orleans. In 2015, Prince Mandeville died under mysterious circumstances fracturing the Louisiana hegemony, and plunging the New Orleans domain into chaos. Shortly thereafter, Sigmund appeared in the New Orleans Elysium and declared he was extending his praxis over New Orleans and unifying the domain once again while leaving the other domains of the former hegemony to their respective princes.

In September 2016, he hosted an international Elysium and salon for kindred returning from a certain event in Greece.



Victor Martini
Heironeous Thistlewight IV
John McDonald



Simon the Miller


Sven Magnison
Samuel Samson
Sabinus Bickmore
Shawn Fitzgerald



Character Inspirations


The Full Sigmund Brandt Soundtrack

  1. Poor Unfortunate Souls, Little Mermaid
  2. If I Burn, Emilie Autumn
  3. The Imperial March, Star Wars
  4. Light of the Seven, Game of Thrones
  5. Stand My Ground, Within Temptation
  6. Animal I have Become, Three Days Grace
  7. Come little children, Hocus Pocus
  8. Once Upon a Dream, Maleficent
  9. First of the Year, Skrillex
  10. If I had a Heart, Fever Ray
  11. Going Under, Evanescence


"You are in my seat."