Severin Delacroix

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Clan Ventrue
Position Deceased
Status 4
Domain None
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 00
Player Tracy Collett


His allegiance

"The Great oppressor" to some Anarchs disappointed that he does not play into their idea of a vicious oppressive bastard.

Real Name: Unknown

Apparent Age: A rough early twenties look

Concept: The old guard

Physical description: Tall and broad at the shoulders he is a quiet man and steps lightly and discreetly around others. It appeared as though he was missing an eye for some time, but now there appears to be one, sometimes looking dead and motionless as though made of glass. He is somewhat handsome in his demeanor, looks and carriage but there is also a somber, forlorn look to him on even the best of days, as though he'd lost someone or something horribly valuable to him. His patois seems a bit odd at times when he speaks, though those that know him well enough understand it is a result of him adopting Maltese as his dominant language. His outward expression frequently bespeaks of a man really rather upset at the world... but again, those that know him understand the man beneath the dour exterior is one of exceeding compassion and sincere generosity. A man of many layers, No one has ever gotten to this core.

Detailed Status:

Acknowledged, Redoubtable, Demiurgic, Noble.

Character Information

Known History

Coming to America only a scant three years ago from parts unknown in Europe or there-abouts he has endured a strange and curious tenure in the American halls of the Camarilla. Busy is a word ill equipped to describe the mans pace in tending to necessary duties, being Primogen, Seneschal, Whip, and even eventually prince of the domain of Orland park. It was not long into his reign as prince however that the domain he headed changed somewhat radically. So much so that he could not continue to lead it as a humane Kindred. Upon seeing his former seneschal turn prince between the rock and the hard place, Former Prince Edward Stark challenged Severin for his Praxis. It was decided a duel would take place to decide the who bore the correct quality for the position of prince. After the battle, with Severin standing over the corpse of the man Stark had possessed and chose to let die rather than submit... It was clear to the Ventrue that the man the domain needed was not himself and so he relinquished his praxis to the Lasombra. Fallout ensued... With teeth gnashing like blind ravenous beasts, the luminaries of the Camarilla attempted with no end of zeal to cut him down for his failure as a Prince, ignoring the reality of the juxtaposition he found himself in. Maintain his Praxis... and lose himself to the beast, or walk away and keep what measure of himself he had left. He was damned either way and he knew it. Since then he has traveled a great deal to continue in his passion as a healer. His current whereabouts are unknown.




A man of utmost discretion he keeps no public allies, Those that know him as an ally often extend the same courtesy.


Clan Setite

A few others... Others he keeps quiet about.


Honus Delacroix




Tristan Leblanc (Npc)

Three others (Ventrue Lore for that.)

Character Inspirations

Just dredged up the bottom of my creative mind for loose dreams.

The Knight in sour armor


Alone on the road

To the clan

When his calling is not enough

Lonely in his faith

To every evil soul

Playing the teacher

Some days he just can't help himself

Chaining the beast of thought

When war is called for

A moments repose

As a plan comes together

Thoughts of penance.

In reflection of days gone by

To the Clan... Again.


"Either you accept my mercy, or you die in obscurity."

"I am a healer, not a doctor. I have taken no oath and I can end life just as readily as I save it. Consider that a hint."

"I am not Eccentric, I am strange... or perhaps weird. Eccentric is what rich people get to be. My vow of poverty precludes me from eccentricity."

"Our time, our gift, is not to be wasted. We can construct empires with the time we pay for in the blood we take... let not a drop be squandered in frivolity"

"Freedom is as much illusion as safety or power. Abandon the definitions you hold for them and recreate your understanding unfettered by hope and faith. In that you may yet find yourself, go from there."

"Don't you dare attempt to see an enemy when you look at me. You've tried my courtesy and tested my patience... Fail to acknowledge my sincerity in this matter and I shall demonstrate my most severe definition of Mercy. We do not have time for this. Am I perfectly clear?"


(Feel free to add some as long as they're legit)

  • Severin hates what his clan has become, fallen from their former Glory and honor to being vicious backstabbing bastards utterly devoid of nobility.
  • He keeps a Ghouled Brain parasite in his basement that is now the size of a small cat. It's name is "Fluffy".
  • He had part of his head and face shot off by a Ballista and that is how he lost his eye, being able to heal everything but that as a ghoul just prior to his embrace.
  • He has a group of other supernatural creatures that he refers to as his "Associates" that he works with on a regular basis.
  • He has orchestrated some of the Midwests strangest political moves in the past two years in some way, shape or form.
  • There is a trail of dead Kindred bodies in his wake, though he hasn't killed any of them himself.
  • He really DOES have a sense of humor... really.
  • Severin, as a former(?) man of the cloth, has been celibate so long he can't even be charmed by good company, much less a woman with more base designs.
  • He is an expert on dealing with the church and hunters.
  • It's rumored that he is a high ranking Knight of a Religious order.
  • Has begun considering making a Childe... something he once said he'd never do.
  • May... or may not have... Diablerized a Werewolf...
  • Was forced to murder one of his only friends... and will never be the same.*