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Clan Brujah
Position None
Status 1
Domain Curitiba, Brazil
Coterie None
Society ???
Path ??? ???
Player Rodrigo Cavalcante


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Alias(es): Savoya, Sassá, Euclides Voltaire Savoya

Real Name: Unknown

Apparent Age: mid 40's

Concept: Philosopher

Physical description: Savoya is slim built and about 1.80m. He has short brown hair and amber eyes. He looks very human and his gaze is heavily felt.

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged by Prince Maria Augusta Castagini of Curitiba

Character Information

Known History

Savoya became Brujah Primogen in 2013 after performing like a “true leader” as the words of the Prince Ventrue, Elijah Binyamin. In August 2014 he became Prince of Curitiba after challenging the Child of Haqim, Aziz Fatah, who had been in power for a fortnight. Savoya accused Aziz of cowardly assassinating the former Ventrue Prince on an ambush together with five other Members of the Domain. In February 2015, after blood hunting the Tremere Kaemon for Masquerade breach, he suffered a political retaliation from the Tremere and Ventrue. He left the city after being warned that, under the accusation of being a Follower of Set, a killing squadron was being put to eliminate him. He came back months later after learning from afar, the strongest of his enemies had fallen by their own mistakes. Late in 2015, he was granted Hospitality in Curitiba by Prince Isabelli Frontoni through her Seneschal and stated the accusations sparked a flame of curiosity within himself and that during the months he had been away, he had picked the Faith on Set. Since then, he was seen in the global Brujah rants in Crete and Dublin and in a meeting in Balneário Camboriú in 2017. It is known in 2016 he was inquired by Jan Dvorák, Malkavian and Archon to Maris Streck, about the polemical situation of his final days as Prince and apparently cleared of all accusations.


  • uncountable


  • None that he knows.


  • Ramirez Romanekels


  • Mercedes


  • José Luis Romanekels

Character Inspirations

  • Abner Doon - “The Worthing Seires” - Orson Scott Card
  • Raymond Reddington - The Black List
  • Lord Varys - “Game of Thrones” - Martin


  • “Free Will” - Rush
  • “Communion” - Killing Joke
  • “Epic” - Faith No More
  • “Orgasmatron” - Sepultura
  • “Revelations” - Iron Maiden


“Confesso que, há muito, não via um Brujah de fato no Brasil. Me alegra seu discurso para a turma de formandos, me lembra bastante a dialética utilizada pelo próprio Lorde Justicar Pascek. Meus parabéns.” - The Right Honorable Lucas Bonfim

“I confess that it had been a long time since I last saw a real Brujah in Brazil. I like your speech to the graduating students, it reminds me a lot of the dialectics used by Lord Justicar Pascek himself.” - The Right Honorable Lucas Bonfim

“For the first time I was able to sit in an Elysium meeting, discuss philosophy and listen to classical music undisturbed. Thank you Prince Savoya, you set an example to be followed.” - Prince DK while visiting Curitiba, PR.

“Mr. Savoya, it is the third time I see someone angry coming to demand something from you and leaving the meeting laughing and hugging you. How do you do that?” - a smart Curitiba neonate.

“You only told me truths, however, I’ll still keep an eye on you. Thanks for the honesty.” - Jan Dvorák - Archon to Maris Streck


  • Savoya is a Setite, not a Brujah.
  • Savoya is not a Setite, nor a Follower of Set
  • Savoya is a persona created by the Setites and he is impersonated by more than one Setite.
  • Savoya can disappear.
  • Savoya is a great Setite leader.
  • Savoya converted all the resident Members in Curitiba into Followers of Set.
  • Savoya becoming a Follower of Set is Camarilla’s fault.
  • Savoya deceived two Clans to become Prince.
  • Savoya was the best Prince the Curitiba has ever had.
  • Savoya and the Setite Julio Gorszki are the same person.
  • Savoya killed the Ventrue Adam.
  • Savoya lives in Egypt.
  • Savoya only feeds on babies.
  • Savoya has many clones.
  • Savoya has many doubles.
  • Savoya has many followers.
  • Savoya sees the future.
  • Savoya has many allies.
  • Savoya has many enemies.
  • Savoya has a thing for paying other people's debts.
  • Savoya can transform into a four-armed snake bodied monster.
  • Savoya likes playing chess by mail.
  • Savoya has been seen walking through the Umbra.