Santiago Alves

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Clan Ravnos
Position ???
Status ???
Domain São Paulo, Brazil
Coterie ???
Society ???
Path Humanity ???
Player Diego


Hasan Muhammad

Apparent Age:

Physical description:

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged by Mukhtar Bey, Prince of Cairo.

Character Information

Known History

In Brazil, his name is Santiago Alves, while in Cairo, his name is Hasan Muhammad. Originated from Brazil, for unknown reasons he moved to Cairo, Egypt, and only came back for the solely purpose to keep an watchful eye on his Clan mate, Natasha.
He has a deep passion for Cairo and loves to talk about the city, his relationship with it and how the city changed his view not only over the world, but also about how vampires deal with their own Clan. When it comes to people he met in Cairo, he has a liking for talking about two of them: Mukhtar Bey, the Prince of Cairo; and Tel'aat El-Ali, the Rising Flame.


No information is known if Santiago/Hasan joined a coterie.


  • Friends from Cairo, whom Santiago/Hasan never mentioned their names.
  • Mao, his beloved cat. When Santiago/Hasan travelled back to Brazil, he couldn't take Mao with him because it didn't want to leave Cairo. Santiago/Hasan understood his wish and left Egypt without it.
  • Marquês de Sandoval (Marquess of Sandoval), who is Santiago/Hasan's old friend (according to Santiago/Hasan himself).
  • Natasha, his Clan ally.


No information is known about Santiago/Hasan's public enemies.


According to Santiago/Hasan, he doesn't remmember who his/her Sire was. S/He disappeared after his Embrace and never showed up. He doesn't know if s/he is still out there in world or simply met Final Death. Santiago/Hasan talks about this issue with sad eyes and voice, forever wanting to know who Embraced him, but never actively searching clues to fulfill his desire.


Santiago/Hasan never expressed any will to Embrace any person.


No information is known about Santiago/Hasan's public broodmates.


  • It is said Santiago/Hasan and Natasha are not only brother and sister by Clan, but both are actually brother and sister since their mortal lives.
  • It is said Santiago/Hasan has a lot of worry towards Natasha, which explains the first rumor.
  • It is said Santiago/Hasan has divinatory gifts.
  • It is said Santiago/Hasan likes to talk too much and his favourite topics are: Occultism, Philosophy (even more when it comes to the aspect of each Clan) and Sociology (even more when it comes to the aspect of each Sect).
  • It is said Santiago/Hasan is actively searching for Ashirra activity in Brazil (mainly São Paulo due to its great migratory movements of people from Middle Eastern countries).
  • It is said Santiago/Hasan is sterile, which explains why he never Embraced anyone.
  • It is said Santiago/Hasan was against the execution of an infernalist.
  • It is said Santiago/Hasan spread a rumor about Dimitri, Prince of São Paulo, blood-bonding the city's Officers and Primogen.
  • It is said Santiago/Hasan's heart is still alive and beating. It is also said he said this is due to his true beleif in God.
  • It is said Santiago/Hasan laughed at the face of the Prince of Campinas, Tupac Amaru, and survived to tell the tale.
  • It is said Santiago/Hasan released (without himself know about this fact) a demon within the Ventrue's territory, a territory belonging to São Paulo's Seneschal, Carola Van Hooves. This is an oddly strange rumor, since Carola never alerted anyone about a chained demon in her territory.


  • "No, I didn't steal that. Why do you think I am the who did it?!"
  • "I bet five bucks on that guy!"
  • "How about a little game? Come on! Play some cards with me!"
  • "It's a true cyberpunk 2077 cacophony!"
  • "Comedy is the best way to express pain and the fucks given to something, which is none."

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