Robert Sissco

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Clan Tremere
Position Seneschal
Status 6+1+3
Domain Fargo, ND
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 00
Player Scott W


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Robert Sissco(?)

Real Name:
Robert Sissco(?)

Apparent Age:
Mid 20's

Generic Tremere that evolved into a political powerhouse in Fargo, with a knack for putting out fires started by House and Clan

Physical description:
Rather unremarkable looking individual, he tends to let his personality and reputation do most of the work in social situations. Standing at 6', with a few extra pounds, and curly brown hair tries to keep combed down. One thing that many do notice right away is that his fangs are always bared (OOC: Permanent Fangs flaw), although he claims this was a cosmetic surgery he elected to have during his "Goth phase" in college.

Prior to taking Praxis of Fargo, ND, Sissco would often be seen in a black suit, and never without his blue silk tie. Since taking Praxis, Robert can be seen in jeans and a suit jacket with a brightly colored collared shirt. He credits this change to a ghoul of his who fancies herself a fashion expert. She said that he needed a new look now that he is even more important to Fargo.

He has since returned to Fargo, slightly altered, now sporting long hair and a beard, a result (or so he claims) of an experiment gone awry to be able to grow a beard (similar to the way the Tremere can grow out the hair for someone) for Toreador who became enamored with the Hipster movement.

Detailed Status:
Acknowledged by Prince James Branderson
Respected by Former Prince Markus Knight
Respected by Former Prince Jules Mindurst
Venerated by Former Prince Raziel Demarius
Valorous by Former Primogen Simon Donovan
Cherished by Prince Charlie of Fargo
Cherished by Position as Seneschal of Fargo, ND
Esteemed by Position as Seneschal of Fargo, ND
Trusted by Position as Seneschal of Fargo, ND
Dignified as Dignitary of the Camarilla

Character Information

Robert came to Fargo from Kansas City in October 2006. After a short time he was made whip, twice. Both tenures lasted one week each, with the first Primogen he worked for being killed, and a Praxis change removed the other Primogen from office.

After this he joined a coterie other low status Kindred in Fargo, and from there he moved up quickly, serving as Primogen, Harpy and Seneschal under three different Princes: Markus Knight, Donald Oates, and Rumor.

Robert appears to have business interests all over the state of North Dakota and often times travel to oversee affairs at the various interests, sometimes for months at a time. While he calls Fargo home, he often times travel. When he does reside in the city, he influence and power is often times felt and leant to the defence and growth of the domain.

In 2014, Robert Sissco took praxis of Fargo, ND after then prince Gus Thompson of Clan Brujah stepped down for personal reasons.

After about a year, Sissco stepped down from Parxis and helped oversee a peaceful transition of the title to Dean James of Clan Brujah. He then moved out West in the state to oversee some work in the Williston/Dickinson area, which is overseeing a large population boon due to the Bakken Oil Fields.

Robert has returned and after some work claimed the title of Harpy and is working to train additional individuals in the daunting task of fulfilling this cherished position. In addition, he has brought his childe, whom he embraced while he was Prince

Within mortal affairs, Robert is famed throughout the Red River Valley as an occultist, and if often time consulted by the Fargo police department for insight. For occult purposes, Robert can often times be reached at Paranormal Books & Knowledge, his bookstore in North Fargo in the infamous Trollwood district.

He is also the owner and operation of Velvet, a high-end night club that he sponsors as an Elysium to the domain of Fargo.

In recent nights, claims of Sissco's deeper, mythological connection to the domain of Fargo. An item of great power, simply referred to as "The Chalice" made a return when he, and a Brujah by the name of Berith, found shards of the shattered artifact in their havens. From there, rumors of a contract, signed centuries below by various Kindred, swore them, and their descendants, to protecting the chalice. In June of 2016, the chalice was purified and taken by Robert Sissco and Primogen Simon Donovan, also of Clan Tremere, for safe keeping.

With this artifact purified and in Tremere hands, Robert again left Fargo to go assist Grand Forks, which was recently retaken from Lupines and Hunters, to make sure that it is stabilized and under proper Camarilla control.

Upon returning to Fargo and ensuring that Grand Forks and Bismarck was stable, Sissco was asked to serve as Keeper of Elysium, which he did so for about a year before being asked to serve Fargo as Harpy by the Primogen Council.

With the Praxis of the domain of Fargo by Charlie, Sissco was asked to serve as her Seneschal.


None currently


Mitzrael (Gangrel)
Donald Oates (Malkavian) - Deceased
Dominic Xavier (Toreador) - Deceased
Bastion DeFolie (Malkavian) - Defected AND Deceased
Tuesday (Nosferatu) - Deceased
Jules Mindurst (Ventrue)
Jordan Restax (Toreador) - Deceased
Markus Knight (Lasombra anti)
Charlie (Toreador)
Wolf (Gangrel)


Victoria Moro (Ventrue) - MIA
Rumor (Brujah) - Deceased
Charlie Zane (Toredor)- MIA
Chester Black (Brujah) - Deceased




Olivia Sissco - Sired during Robert's tenure as Prince of Fargo. The two maintain a husband and wife mortal personal to help explain why the two have suddenly moved in together. Among the Tremere, the hierarchy is strictly maintained.


None known

Character Inspirations

• "Your first character will be dead in 6 months, so just create a generic one so you don't get attached" - Dave Dalke, the player of Markus Knight on my first night in game
• Chief Daisuke Aramaki - Ghost in the Shell


"Asshole" by Denis Leary
"Sweet Dreams" by the Eurythmics
"Babel" by Mumford & Sons
"One Night in Bangkok" by Murray Head
"Everybody Wants to Rule the World" by Tears for Fear
"Amarath" by Nightwish
"Grace for Sale" by Terrance Zdunich
"When You're Evil" by Voltaire
"Centuries" by Fall Out Boy
"Après Moi" by Regina Spektor


"The night began with fire, lets end it with it as well"
"You should have stopped after the word 'think'" - to a lot of characters who begin an explination with 'I didn't think that...'
"Maybe I did something to the coin, I *AM* Tremere after all"
"You're Tremere. If a fight is in the plans, volunteer. When you get there pull your gun and move towards the door. By the time you actually get inside, the Brujah and Toreador will have run ahead and took care of everything. This way, you look like a team player and in minimal risk"
"Thankfully I own all of the strip clubs in the city, so I made sure the security booths were unmanned, but a fresh tape was in the recorder incase anything...interesting happened" - To Donald Oates, who was Prince of Fargo at the time, regarding Chester Black and Mansfeld-Rhumor teaching a local Brujah to pole dance
"Remember, my dear childe, what Peter Premysl has to state on paranoia." - To Olivia Sissco on why Robert seems to try to cover every possible issue that may arise, no matter how unlikely

"I would love to hit on you, my dear, but quite frankly, your husband scares me" -Lewis Smithe upon meeting Olivia Sissco for the first time


• Sissco will kill the Regents he serves under if he does not agree with them. He has done this 7 times and has gotten away with it every time.
• One cannot be the Prince of Fargo, ND without the backing of Sissco.
• Sissco is a violent man.
• Sissco is blood bound to a Gangrel.
• Sissco has blood bound a Gangrel to himself.
• Sissco was literally given praxis twice, and refused it both times stating he did not want the title.
• Sissco will do anything he can to take Praxis.
• Sissco is, in fact a Ventrue.
• Sissco has a thick southern accent when upset.
• Sissco has engaged the elder god Hastur in twice combat and come out victorious.
• Sissco has banished Hastur from the mortal realm and permanently sealed off this prison dimension from our own.
• Sissco has a hidden magical haven.
• Sissco has gotten high with elders.
• Sissco has used magic on camera.
• Justicar Petronius holds a personal grudge against Sissco, and stripped Prince Charlie of standing for an action Sissco took in order to incite more Toreador against Sissco.