Rasputin Volnilcov

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Clan Gangrel
Position None
Status 6
Domain Winona, MN
Coterie Warband of Ithgar
Society ???
Path Humanity 0
Player Player Name


Rasputin Volnilcov.jpg

Real Name: Rasputin Volnilcov

Apparent Age: 35

Physical description: Rasputin stands about 7'2" tall and is broadly built. He is completely fur-covered, with ram's horns, the maw of a bear, and leathery rhino-like skin .He often masks himself to look as he did in his mortal life. In this mask he is an average-looking man with brown hair, a full thick beard and leathery skin of a life spent outdoors.

Detailed Status:(In order received)

- Acknowledged by Prince Syngent

-Feared by Prince Tessa Sampson

-Feared by Primogen Pitbull

-Expedient by Prince Jeremiah Nevermore (deceased)

-Dedicated by Primogen Ezekiel Spottedhorse

-Courageous by Prince Leonius Agrippa, now Archon to Justicar Lucinde

Character Information

Known History

A poachers final view of the woods outside Ithgar.

Took Praxis of Winona on March 13,2010


Warband of Ithgar


'-Primogen Pitbull, Clan Gangrel


-Tanem Kyin

-Joseph Hook

-Svidi the Iron Horse

-Ezekiel Spottedhorse

-Archon Al-Jhavad

-Archon Leonius Agrippa

-General Lan Blackwood

-Kurran DeSylvia

-Stick DeSylvia


-Primogen Dr. Adrienne Stratton, PhD, Clan Tremere

-Scourge Mason



Nol the Rus




None Known

Character Inspirations

Piotr Rasputin (Colossus)


-"Rasputin" by Turisas (covered from Boney M)

-"Dominion/Mother Russia" by Sisters of Mercy

-"Wonderlust King" by Gogol Bordello



Size and appearance reference of short faced bear.

Rasputin has been seen to transform himself into the extinct short faced bear.

Rasputin seems like a nice guy - just don't make him mad.

Members of his court have been overheard calling Prince Rasputin "His Awesomeness" Can out drink any man or kindred.