Rafael Vexille

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Clan Tremere
Position Archon
Status 5+2
Domain Ouro Preto, MG
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Unknown O
Player Paulo Dias




Real Name: Rafael Vexille

Apparent Age: 19

Concept: Mage

Physical description:
Rafael Vexille is an young nearly human Tremere. Low brown hair, brown eyes and skinny with pale skin.

Detailed Status:
Centurio by deceased Archon Caliban
Trustworthy by former Prince Cipriano
Acknowledged by former Prince Artemis
Respected By Lucas Belfort De Corazon
Wise By Prince Banduir
Empowered and Feared as Archon

Character Information

Archon to Justicar Lotharius


A lot of them.


Christiano Ducatti


Death is not punishment it is a release.


Vexille does not publicize his allies names, they might not like it.

There isn’t better tracker.

He´s kind of a smith, can create good weapons, armor and explosives.

Some say he is hunted by the Black Hand.

All his actions are strictly controlled by the Tremere structure, more than most.