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Clan Gangrel
Position None
Status 1
Domain Los Angeles, CA
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity ???
Player Sarah Irwin


Puck as portrayed by the player, unmasked, circa 2017
Puck as portrayed in illustration, unmasked
Puck as portrayed in by player, unmasked, circa 2018


Real Name: She had one once...

Apparent Age: early 20s

Concept: Wild child, Troublemaker

Physical description:She is rather average looking if a little on the shorter side. Puck has an athletic build if not a bit wiry. Stands at roughly 5'5" in height. Has shoulder length brown hair that isn't surprising if there is a twig or leaf in it from time to time with mountain lion ears pertruding from her head, deep reflective black raven eyes, feathers under the lower half of her hair, fur on her forearms and a mountain lion tail. Often seen dawning her camo jacket with many pockets adorned with trinkets from her travels and containing many things including a squirrel. She wears several necklaces including a brown seemingly almost wood carved owl necklace, a wolf head pendant, and a small oval rabbit necklace. Her face is often painted in different patterns and hardly ever is the same design twice unless on purpose, this is her "war paint" as she calls it.

She dresses casually generally in foresty colors such as greens, browns and blacks and often dresses in several layers reminiscent from her human years of always being prepared. Her jeans, if she wears them often have a bit of dirt on them. She has a keen sense of smell and is very surefooted. She never slips, stumbles or falls. She's an incredibly curious 'creature' and has a knack for poking her nose into places they probably shouldn't be.

Detailed Status:
Acknowledged by Sovereign Prince Ethan Neumann of Los Angeles CA

Character Information

Known History

Puck came to Los Angeles in 2015 and spent much of her time trying to find her niche in the Camarilla society while placed under accounting. She was passed around in her accounting from a Ventrue, a Primegen named Bruce Jennings to the Former Senachal Matchstick Minos, a Nosferatu. She caused much trouble during her accounting and had a very loose leash on her during that time and had many 'watching out for her'. Her accounting wasn't exactly conventional to say the least. After about two years of this accounting of sorts she was released and became a proper member of the Camarilla Kindred Society. She learned under a Gangrel elder Wulfgar who rarely comes down off his mountain but had taken her under his wing to better educate her in the Gangrel ways since he was not too thrilled with the teachings or direction she was going in and took her up to his mountain to train before returning her to finish her accounting. She has always been very protective of her friends and makes them fairly easily.



Malcolm Larent (Malowl)
Lola Perez
Chauncey Gardner
Silas McKenna


none that are known







Character Inspirations


Something Wild- Lindsey Stirling ft. Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness
Phoenix - Fall out Boy
You Can't Take Me - Bryan Adams
Touch the Sky - Julie Fowlis
Reckless - You me at six
Fight Song - Rachel Platten
Champion - Fall Out Boy
War - Poets of the Fall
Monsters - Ruelle
The one thing I have left - Hawk Nelson
Underdog - You Me at Six
Son - Sleeping at Last
Heroes in Defeat - Ulrik Munther



  • Enjoys retelling jokes and humorous stories.
  • Is Irish's childe.
  • Has an ability to walk up to a person she doesn't know and walk away with their money, given away to her willingly. Does she maybe know how to Dominate?
  • Was seen getting 'cozy' with Doc Holiday in Milwaukee in 2018.