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To the assembled Camarilla and to those that seek its protection;

It is past time to make public the place the Kuei-jin hold in our world. Their alien threat has long confounded the Council and strained the stringent laws placed over our unforgiving society. Survival - our own being paramount - requires these lengthy decisions and thus within my authority, granted by higher powers, it has been finalized.

There is no "Asian Threat" as they are of kin to ourselves, though exotically cursed. These Kuei-jin, these strange unborn breeds, are not so dissimilar to ourselves that they must be exterminated from all lands under our sway. They do not preach the Sabbat heresy nor do they espouse the mocking rituals that ape and play with unenlightened forms of Western faiths. They seek, as ourselves, to watch through distant windows the breathing world of our origins, and to obtain what truths exist in the world that destiny has decreed for them.

To these ends, it has been decided - a decision not to be made by a Prince regardless of supposed strength nor Archon regardless of vanity - that the courts of the Kuei-jin are to remain separate from us and our society. They shall not be placed in any position of entitlement in the status of Clan leaders, hold no authority over even the least of our Blood by the forms of Prince, shall not hold any office that has ever been held by any Kindred since the first of our nights. However, these Kuei-jin may deal with our courts as do the neutral Kindred that walk our Elysiums, albeit with more trust for they hold no stake in the Sabbat quarrel and do not seek to undermine our stability as do lying Setites and foul Devil Kindred.

So to, should those of our Blood be permitted to cross those sacred barriers and find themselves in lands and courts of distant and neutral cousins, they must abide by the laws found therein and may hold no authority there, nor bring back any entitlement that should claim to grant power over any of our society. Any Kindred to be found claiming false glory in assuming the mantle of Magistrate or Mandarin shall be held in vile disgust, having violated this tender treaty, and shall be scourged from our company. No one of our Blood shall find himself seeking solace and bearing sigil of any Court or joining any House nor swearing himself to the company of any Wu, for we are to remain forever separate. Their Great Principle is not for our kind and thus we are bound by separate laws.

Through this agreement, compensation for Kuei-jin losses has been made and finalized. It has ever been the price for allies and good neighbors. By this mandate, I order the domain of Los Angeles, on the western coast of the New World, to surrender to the heavenly courts of the Keu-jin the area known as San Pedro.

For the losses wrongly endured by the conflict of our two peoples, the casualties gained by the Kuei-jin at the hands of the Camarilla and the misrepresentations of Archon Gryffine Lake and his Grace, Prince Jack Sebastien who are not entitled to make treaties on behalf of the society as a whole, I order the domain of San Francisco, on the western coast of the New World, to surrender to the divine courts of the Kuei-jin the areas comprised of Japantown, Chinatown, the island of Alcatraz, the Wharf, Richmond, and North Beach.

This is the decision upon the weight of my position as the enforcer of ultimate authority as Justicar, and none shall gainsay it. Not anarchs who dwell under our sheltering hands, not Princes who might rule their fiefs in accordance to their whims, not even those of the Justicariate, who might amend our sacred Traditions for New World power and child Princes. How easy word becomes law and order is maintained in the face of uncertainty.

Honor to Serve, Her Fury Justicar Masako (st:14)