Priscilla Hale

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Clan Malkavian
Position Deputy
Status 5
Domain Berkeley, CA
Coterie ???
Society ???
Path Humanity 00
Player Vivian Halbany



None, really.

Apparent Age:
20s, slight babyface further obscuring exact age.

Oddball Oracle

Physical description:
Stands about 5'7" with a medium build, slightly wide shoulders, and hunched posture. Very long, ill-cared-for brown hair which exists in a perpetual state of mess and gets everywhere. Large, often widened eyes with sleep-deprived dark circles, lending to a mildly nervous appearance. Normally wears baggy, slightly worn clothing; is almost always seen with a green cadet cap and black steel-toed boots. Invariably wears a paper surgical mask to hide her non-retractable fangs, which has just as invariably been scribbled on. She seems fond of questionable joke clothing, such as hot pink knee socks bearing the phrase '#LITERALLY DEAD' in bold black font, or a sweatshirt with a large fanged mouth and the phrase 'DON'T TELL ME TO SMILE'.

Along with frightening hallucinations and frequent, vivid nightmares, she appears to suffer a form of pica, compulsively eating or swallowing whole objects. She also has a habit of licking things which cannot fit in her mouth, and sometimes people.

Detailed Status:

Character Information

Known History

Priscilla seems to have existed unremarkably for quite some time in Portland, OR, before something drove her to move southward in September 2017. She showed up in San Francisco in early October and promptly left for Berkeley, settling there with Prince Sunny's permission. Despite living in Berkeley, she visits San Francisco often. She has made herself known through a combination of bizarre behavior, investigative talent, and tendency to get into things; she apparently helped battle a terrible demon in Ouro Preto in 2017, and was involved in something of note at Glitter & Gloom several months later which warranted a grant of status.

Priscilla's inexorable attraction to trouble (or vice versa, depending on who one asks) is fairly well-known.



Priscilla is, by all appearances, close with Rosalind Fleming and Arabella Gratis. She seems fond of Svetlana Sokolova, despite an apparent belief that Sveta somehow "gave [Priscilla] spiders", as well as Treemonkey and a Giovanni named Tony. How fond these people are of Priscilla is a separate question.

She also seems friendly with Che Valiente, Violet Avery, Thomas True, Theresa Mariani, Lily, Ryah Massoud, and a Malkavian named Frank, among others.

Since the events of Glitter & Gloom 2018, she's been hanging around Mark Richardson, which can only end well. She was close with Mouth before his demise.



"Don't get bitten by an insane hobo or you'll turn into one." The identity of the homeless man in question is not commonly known.




None known.

Character Inspirations

The word "grok". No, really.


"Leaving Tonight" - The Birthday Massacre
"Spiders" - System Of A Down
"Goodnight Moon" - Shivaree
"Don't Put It In Your Mouth" - Concerned Childrens Advertisers
"Don't Eat Stuff Off The Sidewalk" - The Cramps

Quotes/No contexts

"There's no such thing as metaphorical werewolves!"
"Glass is great to eat, 'cause you can see through it but it also reflects. Yeah, it hurts an' all, but no pain, no gain."
"You know how mom always told you your face would get stuck that way?" - On her fangs
"Names are hard, they're usually wrong."
"I haven't drunk vomited in thirty years!"
"I mean, I could do that, not have much fun, and be hungrier, or I could go bite somebody, have more fun, an' be less hungry." - On sex
"I'm not clever. I'm too hungry."
"Yeah, but just 'cause it's not real doesn't mean it doesn't exist."
"We're not in th' middle of everything an' we're not on the bottom layer at all, we're on th' top, and it's real easy to fall out by accident and you can only go down. We're in the deep, deep sea too, an' if you think we're not, well... that's not the sun."
"I didn't do it! The Setite stripped herself!"
"I didn't do it." - Pretty much whenever something bad happens
"You can do literally anything if you put your mind to it. LITERALLY anything. Trouble is, putting your mind to it's th' hard part."


  • Do Not Eat Do Not Eat Do Not Eat Do Not Eat Do Not Eat Do Not Eat