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Clan Brujah
Position Citizen
Status 6
Domain Griffin, GA
Coterie None
Society {{{Society}}}
Path Humanity 00
Player Shaw


Remi not wearing pants!

Pompeii Magnus
Remigio Ares Pompeii

Apparent Age: 30's

Former: Brash Neonate
Current: Einherjar

Physical description: Pompeii is a huge, powerfully built man, who radiates intimidation. His body is covered in ritual scarring and anyone with occult would know that it was Seiðr "Rune Magic". He expresses his opinions in a rather cavalier attitude, Name or Position rarely means much to him. He prefers casual clothing that accentuates rather than conceals the power of his body. He is handsome, but his physical appeal is rarely enough to overcome the sense that you personally are little more than an obstacle to destroy or a potential thrall to his will.

Charming x3, Intimidating x5, Bruiser, Enchanting Voice, Huge Size, Natural Leader, Scarred

Detailed Status:

On Decemember Third 2016, respected Former Prince Pompeii declared, "I will support Jan's claim. I revoke my role as your Prince in favor of his reign." Jan van Rheinlander

Character Information

A Berserker and Einherjar, Pompeii has recovered memories that place him within the Varangian Guard out of Italy.

Known History


Why did this happen to me?

I was normal, a middle school art Teacher for Christ sake.

I never did anything wrong.

I had a normal job, normal life, and normal girlfriend.

Can you believe it, twenty six years old and my heart gave out on me!

I spent a year and a half on the transplant list.

I fought every day for my life.

I lost the job; I lost the girlfriend, I lost the normal, but never my life.

Six surgeries, SIX! They practically cut me in half.

I'm a miracle of modern medicine, I refuse to die.

The drugs they keep me sane and numb to the pain.

After the last surgery, I woke up in a haze.

The doctors tell me if they can't find a heart I will only have a month left to live.

Why is there a doctor in my room wearing a Red Sox cap?

He says he has something that would help heal me.

It was coppery, rich and thick.


My mind is clear; most of the pain is gone.

Most of my scars are fully healed, I feel stronger than I have in years.

Then the he tells me the "punch line".

It won't last.

He tells me I'm only delaying the inevitable.

If I give up he will make it will be quick and painless.

The fucker bites me!

Between the pleasure and pain of his "Kiss", I fight.

No one has claim over me, Fuck off!

He gives me a strange smile.

"You will become like me, a Brujah."

A what?

"You'll learn."

I'll do anything to get out of this bed.

He leans in to bite again; he is not a Fag is he?

Recently Remi has had memories of another life resurfacing...


None that would claim him.


Hazzan Marwan
Ryan Easley
Finn Ragnarsson
Oliver Freigh


Really hates the Tremere... but doesn't claim many enemies. Maybe the people he punches in the face or threatens to beat up.


Jacen Pompeii maybe?!


Jacen Junior (J.J.) Pompeii


Sigh... Where would you start?

Character Inspirations

Stacee Jaxx
Guy on a Buffalo!


Shake it Off
I Could Kick Your Ass
My Little Buttercup
Walking on Sunshine
What I like about You
I Want You To Want Me


"Kill Whitey!"
"I'm a thinky Brujah."


  • Really, really hates wearing pants.
  • Pompeii has spent the last two years training with the Children of Haqim in Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • Pompeii is really a disgraced Toreador with no sense of style.
  • Pompeii studied under Leonardo Da Vinci in the early 1500's.
  • Pompeii's wife smells bad. Every dog in town's had a taste of her. She waits on a curb for a man to take her out. You could probably fit five pizza boxes in her before she ripped. (NOT Ryan Easley)
  • Pompeii is "courting" a female Ventrue Prince to cover his true love for a certain male Assamite Archon.
  • Pompeii seems to be on a serious self destructive bent lately. Does it have something to do with the Year of Fire??!!
  • Pompeii is an Einherjar.
  • Pompeii ditched Ryan Easley the second she lost her Praxis. Bro's before Ho's.
  • Pompeii jumps out of/wrecks helicopters so often the domain has a standing order for new ones.
  • Pompeii 'likes' his own social media posts.