Poindexter Winter

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Clan Tremere
Position ???
Status 3
Domain Columbus, OH
Coterie ???
Society ???
Path Humanity 00
Player Nick


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"Winter, just Winter, please."

Real Name:
(His true name is not publicly known.)

Apparent Age:
Early 20s.

Former Verbena cultist still living the dark age Tremere lifestyle.

Physical description:
Well-muscled tall male with red hair.

Detailed Status:
Acknowledged by Prince Adrian McGreggor of Perth, Scotland
Exalted by Prince Adrian McGreggor of Perth, Scotland
Trustworthy by Prince Adrian McGreggor of Perth, Scotland

Character Information

Known History

Poindexter was a member of a Verbena-run cult in the British isles. Seeking to maintain strong ties with the cultists while maintaining the Masquerade as efficiently as possible the Tremere were resolved to hold sway over one of their number. Poindexter was chosen to be an Acolyte by the Tremere. In time Poindexter was actually embraced by the Scholar of Perth, a Tremere elder living in Scotland. He was educated in the fundamentals of Tremere existence before, as is usual for a fledgling Tremere, being transferred away from his Sire. Poindexter took an immediate interest in all of the supernatural powers known by the Kindred & made extensive study of the topic. He soon exceeded the knowledge held on this topic by most individuals & personally learned several foreign Disciplines. Seeking a place to transfer him the elders of his Clan resolved to send him to the domain they believed held the most atypical Kindred & members of distinct bloodlines. They chose Columbus, Ohio.


None known.


None known.


None known.


"The Scholar of Perth" (NPC).


None known.


None known.

Character Inspirations


"I'm boring. I'm a true believer in the inherent superiority of the Tremere way of doing things. If I want peers to contest I look outside of House & Clan. I use the power, influence, & knowledge afforded me by my circle to help my fellow Apprentices improve their own eternities."


  • Not even his own clan liked him.
  • Had been seen wheeling and dealing with the Setites and Giovanni numerous times