Philip Walkin

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Clan Tremere
Position Prince
Status 6+3
Domain Springfield, IL
Coterie None
Society ???
Path ??? ???
Player JayVo



Alias(es): None

Real Name: Philip Walkin

Apparent Age: mid-20s/early 30s

Concept: The Template

Physical description: A tall, thin Caucasian male with short dark hair and blue eyes. Most have never seen him wearing anything other than his signature long coat over a tie and suspenders.

Pw blue.jpg
Walkin gt13.jpg

Detailed Status:
Acknowledged -- Prince Champaign-Urbana, IL David Brice

Feared -- Prince Springfield, IL Tiffan E Cole

Just -- Prince Springfield, IL Tiffan E Cole

Resourceful -- Archon to former Brujah Justicar Masako, Cullen Masters

Respected -- Harpy of Champaign-Urbana, IL Julian LeTrey

Valued -- Prince Tuscola, IL Arthur Jacobs

Exalted, Well-Known, Famous -- by Station

Pw profile.jpg

Character Information

Known History

Philip Walkin's name was first heard of in the late 20th century in Champaign-Urbana, IL. Over the span of several years he at one time or another held every city position, except Harpy, on his way to becoming Prince in early 2001. During that time he is credited with several accomplishments including having cured a blood borne infection of the Domain single handed, gaining both the respect and ire of the Brujah, and appearing before then Brujah Justicar Masako wearing nothing except a skirt and blazing tattoos.

Despite several public attempts on his life and Praxis, the Domain remained as stable as it ever would be for nearly two years under Walkin's rule. By the time Spring of 2002 arrived the most common concern in the Elysium was how much Park Place was being mortgaged for or if the player wanted to split his 9s in the Black Jack game being played. For the entire month of March he did little other than read the local newspaper and occasionally dispatch his Seneschal Nicole Scoville to attend visitors or answer questions.

It was about this time that he transferred the Praxis to Scoville at the request of the citizenry. It's unclear why she took the crown or why Walkin gave it up, but the result was clear. Within three months the Domain was by all intent abandoned. Whether there was another blood contagion or internal strife or the pressing Sabbat presence from the West that doomed the college town is still uncertain. Regrettably all of the area between Springfield, IL and Indianapolis, IN is now firmly under Sabbat control.

A decade passed and the name Philip Walkin was seldom heard. His closest allies stopped hearing from him and his face didn't appear in any court. It wasn't until October of 2011 that any Kindred was certain he hadn't disappeared entirely. Just before Halloween of that year he appeared unannounced in Springfield, IL. There is still a wide range of speculation regarding how and where he spent the time away although he has been overheard saying that he'd never left.

At 12AM on March 10th, 2013 the Praxis of Springfield was granted to Walkin by Desmond "Dizzy" Lockhardt.



Musical References

Fuck Dying -- Ice Cube, featuring Korn
PAWN -- EPIClloyd
Lush Life -- John Coltrane
Behind Blue Eyes -- The Who
It's Nice to Know You Work Alone -- Silversun Pickups


Glen Young
Katja Nothing
Raimond DuLac
Tiffan E Cole


James Jones


"Time is one resource I have in abundance, patience however is not."

"What can you offer me that I cannot seize by my own hand?"

"Everyone has a hobby."

"Coincidence is the last superstition of the scientific world."

"Perhaps you don't understand what it means to be Prince. I am accountable to the Ivory Tower and complained to by every lick who thinks they can get away with doing it. There are innumerable others who silently curse me while depending on me to protect them from things far worse than I am. And yet, you still envy me."

Quotes About Philip Walkin

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"The only one of you I ever liked is Phil. He's capable of acting right. You tell him I said hello, and to come up and see me whenever he pleases." - Katja Nothing


  • Has been spotted in very close communication with Prince Katja Nothing in recent months.
  • Some in the American Eastern regions have referred to him as "Black King's Knight."
  • Can shapeshift into a bear.
  • He is a Tyrant, a Monster, and will inevitably doom the domain of Springfield, IL.
  • Has a horribly disfigured right hand, hence it never leaving his pocket.
  • NEVER shakes anybodies hand, no matter the position, usually awkwardly looks away while talking to change the topic.