Oz Stevenson

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Clan Toreador
Position Deceased
Status 6+1
Domain New Rochelle, NY
Coterie ???
Society ???
Path Humanity 00000
Player Ben R.


Character Information

Upload Ozmandius "Oz" Stevenson

Alias(es): Ozmandius Stevenson

Real Name: unknown

Apparent Age: Early 30s

Concept: Spin Doctor

Physical description: Approximately six and a half feet tall, with a close-cropped beard, short, curly brown hair, and hazel eyes. Broad shoulders and a relatively fit physique, along with his usual attire of casual business wear, generally complete the business image that he likes to present to the world.

Detailed Status:

Acknowleged by Prince Benedic
Cherished by Gerard Saint Clair
Loyal by Gerard Saint Clair
Respected by Edmund Dantes
Respected by Julietta Sarantos
Well-Connected by Tatiyana "Anya" Pyotrevna
Influential as Harpy

Known History

Came to Westchester, NY roughly three years ago, and was almost immediately made Harpy. He has spent his time hosting gatherings that have slowly increased in size over the years, and enforcing prestation.

Oz is also known for spending his time working on his show, "The Oz Show" where he is the host of a late night Jerry Springer-esque occult show.


None admitted to


Archon Alecto (deceased)
Amanda Desrosiers
Cassandra Sumner (deceased)
Eliza Boheime
Gerard Saint Clair (deceased)
James Norton
Jonothan Witlander
Kafka (deceased)
Nova Cassidy
Poppy Elliott
Rue Massoud
Sabine Reya (deceased)
Tatiyana "Anya" Pyotrevna
TJ Blackthorne
Zoe Moreau (deceased)

Political Opponents

Amy Lundt


Adara al-Hur
Khalid Zaid


Stephen Birger (deceased)


none that are Acknowledged


None that will acknowledge him

Character Inspirations

Oz in Oz, the Great and Powerful
Jerry Springer, the Jerry Springer Show


* From Gerard Saint Clair, to various Princes: "How do you run your domain without your own Oz?"
* "How much status did you have?"
* "I'm nice to the people who are nice to me, and I'm not nice to the people who aren't..."
* "I live but to serve beauty in all its forms."
* "Truth is but a lie that was never caught."


Oz spent his mortal life as a grifter.
The anarchs of the Northeast have started to refer to him as "the Dragon of Oppression"
Oz once stole an island to impress a woman.
Disappeared with his clanmate shortly after the Domain took Stamford. Many believe rumors of his death are exaggerated, which is just how Oz likes it.
Oz was killed with a clanmate shortly after leaving Stamford for New Rochelle, after being removed as Harpy of Stamford.